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Reasonable Placement

Since the computer will inevitably generate electromagnetic waves and magnetic fields, so it is best to place the computer away from the TV, tape recorder a little farther away, so as to prevent the computer's display and TV screen of the mutual magnetization, frequency signal interference with each other. Since the computer is made up of many tight electronic components, it is important to place the computer in a dry place to prevent the moisture from shorting the circuit. Because the computer in the process of running the CPU will emit a lot of heat, if not in time to distribute it, it may cause the CPU overheating, work abnormally, therefore, it is best to place the computer in a cool ventilated position.

 Regular cleaning and dedusting maintenance work

When the computer is working, it will generate a certain electrostatic field, magnetic field, coupled with the power and CPU fan operation generated by suction, will be suspended in the air dust particles into the chassis and stranded on the board. If not regularly cleaned, the dust will accumulate more, serious, even will make the circuit board insulation performance decreased, lead to short-circuit, bad contact, mildew, causing hardware failure. If there is too much dust inside the monitor, the high pressure part is most prone to "jumping fire" phenomenon, resulting in the damage of the high pressure package. Therefore, the chassis should be opened regularly, with a clean soft cloth, not easy to remove the hair brush, blowing balloons and other tools to dust inside the chassis. The monitor is preferably cleaned by a professional because of its high pressure.

For the dust on the machine surface, can be used damp soft cloth and neutral high concentration of lotion for wiping, wipe finish without using water to clean, residue on the top of the lotion to help isolate dust, the next time just use a moist towel to wipe.

When the keyboard is in use, there will also be dust falling under the key cap to affect the sensitivity of the contact. After a period of time, the keyboard can be turned over, moderate force flapping, will be embedded under the key cap dust shake out. CPU fan and Power fan due to long-time high-speed rotation, the bearing is subjected to wear and tear after the thermal performance is reduced and will emit a lot of noise, usually a year or so to be replaced. My company installed with a special treatment method, properly reduce the fan speed, greatly improve the life of the fan and reduce noise.

  Sequence of switching machines

Because the computer in the moment of power and power outage will have a large electrical shock, will send the host to the interference signal caused by the host can not start or abnormal, therefore, the power on the external device should be powered up before the host power. However, if an individual computer has an external device (especially a printer), the host does not work properly, in which case the reverse boot order should be used. When shutting down, instead, turn off the host and then power off the external device. This avoids large electrical shocks to the parts of the host. In the process of using the computer should also be aware that the Windows system can not be arbitrarily switched off, be sure to shut down properly

In the computer operation process, the machine of various equipment do not move casually, do not Plug and unplug all kinds of interface card, also do not load the external equipment and the signal cable between the host. If you need to make these changes, you must do so when the power cord is turned off and disconnected.

Do not switch the machine on and off frequently. Power-up immediately after shutdown will cause a sudden large inrush current, causing the device in the power supply device to be damaged, can also cause a sudden acceleration of the hard drive, so that the disc is scratched by the head. Therefore, here we recommend that if you restart the machine, you should wait more than 10 seconds after shutting down the machine. In general, users do not open the machine without permission, if the machine abnormal situation, should be timely contact with the Professional maintenance department.

 Pay attention to electrostatic phenomena

More or less people will always carry some static electricity, if not pay attention, it is likely to cause damage to computer hardware. If the user needs to plug in the parts of the computer, such as sound card, video card, etc., before contacting these parts, should first make the body and ground metal or other conductive objects in contact with the body to release static electricity, so as not to cause static damage to the computer components. In the winter especially need to pay attention to the effect of static electricity on computer damage.

Use of optical drive

Due to the oxidation and wear of the laser head, the lifespan of an optical drive is around one year. Some people think that the CD-ROM is often not used for a long time, in fact, often do not use the laser head will be due to fallout, aging faster, to regularly use the optical drive. As the speed of the optical drive is getting higher, the use of poor quality discs will not only emit a lot of noise, but also due to "eccentricity", resulting in high-speed disc rotation damage to the laser head, so please use high-quality discs. When the CD in the CD-ROM is not used, please remove the disc, or the optical drive has been at high speed rotation in standby state, light drive caused by wear. Optical drive due to long-term use will be dust fall, will accelerate the aging of optical drive, so regular cleaning, dust.

Use of the hard disk

As people's dependence on computers is increasing, the data on the computer is more important, and the life of a hard disk is thousands of hours, normal use can be used for more than two years. Therefore, it is necessary to check the hard disk regularly, and regular disk consolidation can improve the speed and life of the hard disk. (Be careful not to start the hard disk timing stop function in CMOS and windows, otherwise it will crash)

When the computer starts up, the hard drive rotates at a speed of thousands of RPM. Therefore, the power management should be set a hard drive shutdown time, when the computer during this period of time, the hard disk will automatically shut down, stop rotation, thereby reducing wear, long service life.

If you are familiar with the computer, then you should periodically redo the system, so that you can change the location of files on the hard disk, reduce the head to a sector of the regular read and write, resulting in the damage of this sector.

It is recommended that you use different media to regularly back up your important data and store it in a different place. A file can be placed on a backup disk, you can print one copy, can be burned into a CD. If there is a condition, we recommend that you replace the hard drive for a year or so and use the old hard drive as a backup disk. The important data is far more than the value of a hard disk can match.

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