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7: 30: Get up. Researchers at the University of Westbrook, England, found that people who got up at am had a high level of material in their blood that could cause heart disease, getting up after is more beneficial to your health.
Turn on the lamp. "When you wake up, turn on the light. This will re-adjust the body clock, and adjust the sleep and waking modes ." Said Jim Horne, a professor at the university's Sleep Research Center.
Have a cup of water. Water is an essential ingredient in the body for thousands of chemical reactions. Drink a cup of water in the morning to fill in the water shortage status at night.

-: Brush your teeth before breakfast. "Brushing your teeth before breakfast can prevent tooth corrosion, because after brushing your teeth, you can apply a fluorine-containing protective layer to the outside of your teeth. Or you just need to brush your teeth half an hour after breakfast ." Gordon Watkins, a health and safety researcher at the British Dental Society, said.

-: Breakfast. "You have to eat breakfast because it can help you maintain a stable blood sugar level ." Kevin willen, a nutritionist at King's College London, said. For breakfast, you can eat oatmeal and so on. This type of food has a low blood sugar index.

-9: 00: Avoid exercise. Researchers from the University of Brunell found that athletes who exercise in the morning are more susceptible to disease because the immune system has the weakest function at that time. Walk to work. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine found that people who walk every day are 25% less likely to have a cold than those who sit for a long time and do not exercise.

9: 30: Start the most difficult job of the day. Researchers at the New York Sleep Center found that most people were most awake within one or two hours each day.

10: 30: let your eyes go off the screen and take a rest. If you work on a computer, you can rest your eyes for three minutes every hour.

11: 00: eat fruit. This is a good way to reduce blood sugar. Eat an orange or some red fruit, which can also supplement the body's iron and vitamin C content.

13: 00: add some beans and vegetables to the bread. You need a delicious lunch and can slowly release energy. "Baked beans are rich in cellulose, and tomato sauce can be used as part of vegetables ." Dr. vilun said.

PM-PM: A short lunch break. A university study in Athens found that those who had at least three lunch breaks every week for 30 minutes or longer at noon had a 37% lower chance of heart disease death.

16: 00: A cup of yogurt. In this way, blood sugar levels can be stabilized. Drinking sour milk between three meals a day is good for heart health.

-19: 00: exercise. According to the body's biological clock, this time is the best time to exercise, said schefeldel, an animation doctor rivo Nick.

19: 30: Eat less for dinner. Eating too much for dinner may increase blood sugar, increase the burden on the digestive system, and affect sleep. For dinner, you should eat more vegetables and less foods rich in calories and protein. Chew slowly during meals.

21: 45: watch TV. Watching TV and relaxing at this time will help you to sleep, but be careful not to watch TV in bed, which will affect the quality of sleep.

23: 00: take a hot bath. "A proper temperature reduction helps relax and sleep ." Professor Jim Horne at the university's Sleep Research Center said.

23: 30: Go to bed. If you get up at in the morning, sleeping now can ensure that you enjoy 8 hours of adequate sleep.
Any attempt to change the biological clock will leave an inexplicable illness to the body, and regret it 20 or 30 years later. It is too late.
1. At AM, the immune system (lymphatic) detoxification time should be quiet or listen to music.

2. Liver detoxification should be performed during sleep at AM.

3. At a.m., the same is true for biliary detoxification.

4. Lung Detoxification at AM. This is why the person who coughs has the most severe cough during this time, because the detoxification action has reached the lung; do not apply cough medicine, so as not to suppress the elimination of waste products.

5. At 5-7 a.m., the bowel should be detoxified and defecation should be performed on the toilet.

6. At a.m., the small intestine absorbs a large amount of nutrients and should have breakfast. It is best for the healer to eat early. Before half past six, the adopter should change his habits before half past seven, even if it is not good to eat until or.

7. from midnight to AM, you must be asleep and stay up late.

Remember your health schedule, arrange your life, and enrich your life!

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