Daily Scrum 10.21

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Then, due to changes in the server side, the specific IDE has been identified, and then the task has been assigned to do some additional details:

    1. 10.20 Night Everyone must complete the configuration of as, the unified version is 1.3.2, the Android version is 4.4.0, the visual interface of the mobile phone is NEXUS6. and online Search as tutorial, understand the layout of the IDE, the use of each module.
    2. tonight Lin, Tangdong people, Liu Yanxi must finish finishing the Bmob Platform Developer documentation, download the SDK. Learn more about Bmob's overall workflow and how to connect with Android. In addition, Liu Yanxi needs to complete the relational table design of the database in advance, and establish a reasonably named data table on the Bmob platform. 10.21 Three people need to implement the user registration demo. (without the interface, simply write the registered user's event to the interface initialization function, and run on the Android phone, so that the run once will register a user; Since I'm going to be out of business tomorrow, 21:00/22:00 is expected to return to school, before you can be familiar with the application of the SDK, if you can directly finish the course better)
    3. Kang Jiahua and Ma Yao tonight In addition to familiar with the IDE, need to find the UI development of appropriate reference materials, tonight to figure out the Res folder on the left side of the file is what role, the role of various layout, how to customize the icon, button, and so on (save as a document). 10.21 Start Looking at the information found tonight, and complete two tasks : 1. In as the completion of the ink knife design of the login interface; 2. Learn how to create two interfaces in a project, and how the interface switch is implemented (saved as a document).
    4. Zhang Qidong tonight In addition to understanding the various modules of AS, we also need to organize the entire process of Android development according to the collected data, and save the key steps as documentation. 10.21 days You need to understand the role of all folders in the resource bar on the left, and learn about permissions, listeners (how to implement events, etc.) in Android development, and broadcast mechanisms (save as documents).

PS: As you begin today, you need to submit your own progress in progress at the end of the day. and update their status based on task completion in TFS, recording each task time.

Daily Scrum 10.21

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