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Server maintenance status

It's hard to win the world, it's harder to keep the world, and server maintenance is like "keep the world "! The network is paralyzed when the network is slightly out of proportion. As a member of network management, the author has encountered many problems in actual maintenance work. The server is not only the hub of enterprise network equipment, it is also the main body of enterprise software and database applications. In practice, servers often encounter one or another failures, software or hardware. Many faults are irregular.

Server maintenance can be divided into hardware maintenance and software maintenance. hardware maintenance is relatively simple, mainly to ensure the temperature and humidity of the data center, prevent dust and fire, and regularly change hardware equipment, etc, software maintenance includes operating system maintenance and application maintenance on the host, which is relatively difficult, you need to have a deep understanding of the operating system and application software system.

Three reasons for the difficulty in soft maintenance of servers

Operating System

The operating system is the basis of software running on servers. Its importance is self-evident. If the operating system of the Server uses Windows 2003 or Windows 2000 Server as the operating system, it is easy to maintain. You only need to patch the Server on time and view the log when you order it. However, for LINUX and UNIX operating systems, the Administrator must have high technical requirements and have professional knowledge.

Application maintenance on the server

Applications on the server are the core data of the running enterprise and one of the most important data of the enterprise. No error is allowed. If the data is lost or the service is stopped, the application is fatal to the Enterprise, enterprise applications have become an important part of the survival and development of enterprises. Applications are the blood of the core business of enterprises. As the scale of enterprise applications grows, the number of applications increases, how to quickly and effectively monitor these key applications becomes an urgent challenge.


In addition to the technical difficulties listed in the preceding two points, an important problem is that the enterprise's servers and the applications running above are all highly real-time businesses, it must be uninterrupted. If the Administrator only maintains the service, the real-time performance is poor. The administrator cannot stare at the server 24 hours a day, in reality, there are often problems with Down servers or applications on servers. administrators often do not know what to do as soon as possible. They often notify administrators of the actual use of servers or applications, at this time, the business may have stopped for a long time, which is undoubtedly a huge loss for the enterprise.

Server Maintenance Solution

Through the above analysis, it is not feasible and dangerous to manage and maintain the server and the above applications through the Administrator. Therefore, most enterprises currently maintain the server through server monitoring software, the management method supplemented by Administrator maintenance.

At the same time, enterprises face another problem. What kind of server monitoring software is good? I think a good server monitoring software should have the following points:

1. visualized monitoring and user-friendly interface. You can view the health status of the server at a glance.

2. You can monitor server availability, performance, and components, including CPU, memory, hard disk, partition, and interface.

3. The operation is simple and can be maintained without too much professional knowledge.

4. If a problem occurs on the server, you can send alerts in multiple ways, including emails, text messages, voice, and clients. The administrator can immediately know the situation and solve the problem.

5. The report function is complete, and trend analysis and performance analysis can be performed to help the enterprise's management make decisions and provide strong evidence.


From the perspective of used network management software, Mocha BSM is a professional and practical server monitoring software. It is managed by Mocha BSM) it can effectively monitor servers and applications above, so that servers can run healthily and stably to maximize service for enterprises. At the same time, it can free up manpower, save Enterprise costs, and improve the informatization level of enterprises.

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