Daily server maintenance What to do

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What do the daily server maintenance do? server maintenance is a headache problem, often encounter such or such problems; If the company has the operation of cattle or hosting servers, renting servers in individual ISPs, congratulations, you are lucky, if not, it is best to regularly back up, check, to avoid problems when the server is helpless. Below for everyone to comb the daily server maintenance what to do?

First, understand the server

Know how to Baizhanbudai, if you do not understand the server maintenance, how to correctly solve the server outage, patch installation, bug fixes and other issues.

1. Server operating system type, version, patch version;

2. Server hard drive utilization;

3. The server running the business situation;

4. Server network configuration and so on.

Second, regular inspection

1. server power status check;

2. server fan status check;

3. Server hard disk health status check;

4. Server System log check.

Third, regular backup

1. Back up the server operating system;

2. Backing Up the database

Iv. Software Installation

1. Installation of FTP, HTTP and other basic software;

2. System parameters adjust environment variables and paths;

3. Network parameter Configuration adjustment.

Five, fault handling

Equipment as long as the operation, it will inevitably occur, you should be in the first time to locate the fault, so as soon as possible to resolve the failure, reduce the impact time.

At the same time, the cause of failure should be analyzed in-depth, if necessary, adjust the server configuration to avoid the recurrence of similar failures.

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Daily server maintenance What to do

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