Daisy: Pure and chaotic, quiet and noisy

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From pm to PM, the children were not asleep when they returned home. At home Road and The lady informed me by phone. It is time to leave the hustle and bustle and return to my silent nature. For more than five years, there have been joy, pain, and behind the scenes and in front of the scenes.

After washing, a person is lying in bed. My wife is in the field, and my children and grandmother are sleeping. Looking at the "Daisy" interpreted by Quan zhixian, it seems that the role has changed in time and space. In this period of life, it is like a gun. It is more intense than enough to think about it. In the hustle and bustle of chaos, it is easy to go. In the future, you may have to adapt to a peaceful life and think about something for yourself and your family-just as the Daisy is pure, endured, and bloomed quietly.

Strong but not arrogant, Daisy style.


Daisy (themed song of the movie Daisy) [Chinese lyrics]

My dream Love
It turns out to be close at hand
But I do not know
Just watching you without words
I draw love day after day
We hope that the fragrance of daisies will surge with you.
It's too late.
But I finally recognize you.
I'm sincere
Fear that this love will suddenly disappear
You will always watch me

The one I always desire
In front of me
But nothing can be said.
Only looking at him
Unfamiliar city
Live for love only
He is full of daisies
One day
Only now can I meet you
But cannot be together
I don't want to give up on you.
But leave you alone.

Only now can I meet you
But cannot be together
I don't want to give up on you.
But leave you alone.
Heartache to leave


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