Daiyu--Living is for my heart

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20 times of the Dream of Red Mansions: Daiyu listened to Bao Yu "only to play with you, for you monotony, but occasionally to his there, said this." "Hear this speech, Daiyu to throw down a sentence:" Good boring words! I didn't ask you to monotony for me. But you will not talk to me from now on! "Then also regardless of Shi Xiangyun just to Jia Fu, said then the anger back to the room." After that, Bao Yu was busy and said: "Good and angry again?" Is that I was wrong, you still sitting there, and other people joking a CBD. Again, I wonder. "Daiyu:" You care about me. After that, it was a very angry and noisy mouth. Until the jade: "He is only to come, do not have a for him to drain you?" Daiyu, " I am for my heart." "Bao Yu busy way:" I am also my heart, do you know your heart, do not know my heart is not? "Daiyu a Tingbian silence without words."

All the way is Jin Yuliang marriage, I only read the Wood Stone Former union. Empty to, the mountain coats Crystal Snow, finally do not forget, the Shu lonely forest . Sigh of the world, the ointment this letter, even if it is Qi eyebrow to raise a case, in the end Italy difficult

Mob, with the trade silk, the bandits come to me. Mob

Peacock fly Southeast, ten miles a wandering "peacock fly Southeast"

Mysterious, Ann can distinguish me is male female? The poem of Mulan

The Zhongyong of the wounded

Daiyu--Living is for my heart

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