Dalvik the code structure of a virtual machine

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Dalvik is the Android program running virtual machine, the code is saved in the Android source "dalvik/" directory, Dalvik virtual machine Each subdirectory of the specific instructions are as follows:

ANDROID.MK: is a virtual machine-compiled makefile file

DALVIKVM: This directory is the directory of the virtual machine command line invocation portal file, mainly used to interpret command line arguments, call library function interfaces, etc.

Dexdump: This directory is an anti-compile view tool for generating Dex files, primarily to see if the compiled code files are correct and to view the compiled file structure.

Dexlist: This directory is a tool for generating methods for viewing all classes in a Dex file.

Dexopt: This directory is the Build Dex optimization tool.

Docs: This directory holds the Dalvik virtual machine related help documentation.

DVZ: This directory is a tool for generating instances of virtual machines from zygote requests.

DX: This directory is a tool for generating the conversion from Java bytecode to Dalvik machine code.

Hit: This directory is a tool for generating display stack information/object information.

Libcore: This directory is the core class library of the Dalvik virtual machine, which is provided for application calls to the upper layer.

Libcore-disabled: This directory is a library of some disabled.

Libdex: This directory is a library of build hosts and devices that process Dex files.

Libnativehelper: This directory is a support library function for the Dalvik virtual Core library.

Moudle_license_apache2: This file is APCHE2 's copyright notice file.

NOTICE: This file is a copyright note that explains the source code for the virtual machine.

README.txt: This document describes the contents and copyrights of this catalogue.

Run-core-tests.sh: This file is used to run core library tests.

Tests: This directory holds test-related test cases.

Tools: This directory holds some compile/run related tools.

VM: This directory holds most of the code for the virtual machine, including instruction reading, instruction execution, and so on.

Dalvik the code structure of a virtual machine

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