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Shortcut keys make us look more professional

Xcode shortcut keys

1. ESC automatically completes, seemingly command +. can also

2. Command +/comment/uncomment, single-line comment

3. Control + Command +↑↓ (up and down arrows) quickly switch between the header file (. h) and the implementation file (. m)

4. Command + B To compile the program, do not run

5. Command + R to compile and run the program

6. Command + SHIFT + B to parse the code to find potential memory overflow issues

7. Command + click Jump to claim file

8. Option + click the pop-up layer to display the Help information (double click to enter the API documentation)

9. Option + Command +?? (Left/right arrow), collapse/expand code block, such as if, for, method, etc.

Control + Command + F Xcode fullscreen

Command + shit + y Open/close console window

Command + k Cleanup console

Control + Command +?? (Left/right arrow), toggle in history/Next file

Command + SHIFT + O: Quick Search Open File

Command + 0 Turn left navigation on or off

Command + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 Corresponding serial number displays the drop label view in the left navigation

+ COMMAND + OPTION + 0 Open/Close right Property window Option + Command + 1/2/3/4/5/6 Ibid.

Command + SHIFT + J to locate the currently open file in the left navigation

Command + \ Current line set/Cancel Breakpoint

Command + y globally activates or disables all breakpoints

Command +?? (Left/right arrow) jumps to beginning/end of line

Option +?? (Left/right arrow) jump forward/back one word

Option + DELETE forward Delete a word

Because the Mac system is UNIX-based, you can then enter some UNIX instructions to manipulate the Mac system.

Common UNIX directives: (need to be used frequently to not forget easily)

Ls-1 List all contents of the current directory (Files \ Folders)

PWD Displays the name of the current directory

CD changes the directory of the current operation

WHO displays the current user name

Clear Clear Screen

mkdir Create a new directory

Touch to create a new file (the file does not exist before it is created)

Open opens a folder \ Folder

Some shortcut keys for Apple computers

Command-a all items in the Front Finder window are selected (if no window is open, select

Content in desktop)

Option-command-a Deselect All items

Shift-command-a Open the Applications folder

Command-c Copy selected items/text to clipboard

Shift-command-c Open the Computer window

command-d Copy the selected item

Shift-command-d Open Desktop Folder

COMMAND-E launched

Command-f find any content that matches the Spotlight property

Shift-command-f Find

Shift-command-g Go to Folder

Shift-command-h Open the Personal folder of the currently logged-on user account

Command-k connecting to a server

Shift-command-k Open the Network window

Command-l creating aliases for selected items

command-m minimized window

Option-command-m Minimize All windows

Command-n New Finder Window

Shift-command-n new Folder

Option-command-n New Smart Folder

Command-o Open the selected item

Shift-command-q logoff


Command-r display (avatar) of the original body

Command-t Adding to Sidebar

Shift-command-t Adding to your favorites

Option-command-t hide toolbars/Show toolbars in Finder window

Shift-command-u Open Utility Folder

Command-v paste

Command-w Close Window

Option-command-w Close All windows

Command-x Cut

Command-z Restore/Redo

Command-1 Display As Icon

Command-2 List mode display

COMMAND-3 Display in column mode

Command-4 displayed as cover Flow (Mac OS X 10.5 or later)

command-, (Command plus comma key) Open Finder Preferences


Command-] Forward

Command-up arrow open the included folder

Control-command-up Arrow opens the included folder in a new window

Command-down ARROW to open highlighted item

Command-tab switching applications-loop forward

Shift-command-tab Switching applications-loop backwards

Command-delete move to Trash

Shift-command-delete emptying the wastepaper basket

Option-shift-command-delete emptying the Trash (No confirmation dialog box is displayed)


Some applications may not support all of the following application key combinations.

Key combination function

command-space key to show or hide

Control-a move to the beginning of a line/paragraph

Control-b Move backward one character

control-d Delete the character before the cursor

CONTROL-E move to the end of a line/paragraph

Control-f move forward one character

Control-h Delete the character after the cursor

Control-k Delete all content from the character before the cursor to the end of the line/paragraph

Control-l Place the cursor/selection in the center of the visible area

Control-n Move down one line

Control-o inserts a row after the cursor

Control-p Move up one line

Control-t the characters before and after the cursor is moved

Control-v Move Down one page

Option-delete Delete the word to the left of the cursor, and any spaces or punctuation after the word

Command-tab in the list of open applications, move down to the next most recently used application

Shift-command-tab move up in the list of open applications (sorted by last-use time)

Shift-tab navigating the controls in the opposite direction

Control-tab the next set of controls in the Focus dialog box or focus on the next table (when

When the Tab moves to the next cell)

Shift-control-tab Focus on a group of controls

option-eject key from the alternate optical drive (if installed)

control-Launch key display shutdown dialog box

option-command-launch key to put the computer into sleep mode

control-command-eject key to exit all applications (will let you store changes made to the open document first)

, and then restart your computer

Control option-command-eject key to exit all applications (will let you store changes made to the open document first)

, and then turn off the computer

Fn-delete forward Delete (for portable Mac built-in keyboard)

CONTROL-F1 Toggle full Keyboard control on or off

Control-f2 Focus Menu Bar

CONTROL-F3 Spotlight Dock

Control-f4 Focus active window or next window

Shift-control-f4 focus on an active window

Control-f5 Focus toolbar.

Control-f6 Focus on the first (or next) panel

Shift-control-f6 focus on the previous panel

Control-f7 the current keyboard control mode in the Temporary Overlay window and dialog box

F9 collage or un-collage all open windows

F10 collage or un-tile all open windows in the active application

F11 hide or Show all open windows

F12 Hide or Show

Shift-command-' Activates the previous open window in the front-most application

option-command-' Focus window drawer

Command--(minus) narrow the selection

Command-{aligns the selection to the left command-} makes the selection right

command-| Align the selection to the center

command-: Display the spelling window

command-; Find misspelled words in a document

Dark Horse Programmer-Apple Computer and development tools Xcode shortcut keys and Common UNIX instructions-my record

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