Data center infrastructure Management knowledge of energy management!

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One notable problem is that the energy consumed by data center infrastructure management is transformed into a waste of heat, and we have to consume additional energy to cool the heat, and in fact, a significant portion of the waste can be avoided.
I. Efficiency of energy use in data centres
The efficiency of any device or system comes from the part of its energy input (electricity, fuel and any energy that makes it "run") (energy inputs that do not have effective results are considered "wasteful"). The ratio of this "effective output" to "total input" is usually expressed as a percentage.
Within the scope of the data center, efficiency is defined as the ratio of total facility power to the power consumed by IT equipment. This parameter becomes the energy use efficiency of the data center (power? Usage? effectiveness, abbreviated as PUE).
Pue equals 1 data centers that are equivalent to 100% efficiency. The higher the value of the Pue, the lower the overall efficiency of the data center. At present, the Pue value has become the International data Center electricity Use efficiency measurement index. The closer the Pue value is to 1, the higher the degree of greening of a data center. At present, foreign Advanced data Center room Pue value is usually less than 2, and most of our data center Pue value in between. In other words, the domestic computer room chip-level main equipment 1W power consumption will lead to a total consumption of 2~3w, and foreign computer room in the chip-level main equipment 1W power consumption will only lead to the overall electricity consumption of less than 2 W.
Second, the concept of "effective" and "waste" in the data center efficiency model
In the data center model above, "waste" refers to all the energy that is consumed by not being part of IT equipment. It goes without saying that the data center infrastructure, in addition to providing energy for IT equipment, requires other effective work called "assisted Support".
For example, a data center infrastructure consumes only 47% of the power consumed by 53%,it devices, thus calculating the energy use efficiency (pue value) of the data Center as (53%+47%)/47%=2.13.
In the above example, the data center infrastructure energy consumption ratio (53%), the HVAC system energy consumption accounted for 41% (including cold water system accounted for 23%, humidification system accounted for 3%, precision air conditioning accounted for 15%), distribution system accounted for 9% (of which ups energy consumption accounted for 3% of 6%,PDU energy consumption), lighting and ancillary equipment accounted for 2%, Switching devices/generators accounted for 1%.
Third, the data center infrastructure to scientific management, improve data center efficiency.
In principle, there are three ways to improve data center efficiency:
(1) Improve the internal design of the data center infrastructure, reduce energy consumption at work;
(2) Better match the planning of the data center infrastructure components with the actual it load (moderate planning) and improve the productivity of the components;
(3) Developing new technologies to reduce the energy consumption required to provide the functions of the data center infrastructure.
While the efficiency of the data center can be determined by experience, the energy consumption of all IT equipment is summed up and divided into the total amount of energy input in the data center, the approach is based on the manufacturer's efficiency statement for major components such as UPS and precision air conditioners. This is easier, but the efficiency parameters that are obtained are often heavily exaggerated (such as multiplying by a factor), masking any information that might help to uncover opportunities for power savings.
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Data center infrastructure Management knowledge of energy management!

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