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From June 1 onwards, China's network security work has a basic legal framework, for the network also has more legal constraints, China's information security industry into a new era. "The People's Republic of China Network security Law" further improve the personal information protection rules, in the future, the two strong competition, uncompromising embarrassing situation or can be avoided.

Data center modularity: Taking into account safety and energy-saving rookie and abundant in heartily this day to make big things. The two empty wars have made the cloud computing industry's security, controllability and data Service provider's topic aroused people's attention, and inadvertently exposed the "mutual grab user information, and for non-normal use" of the amazing news.

It was also on the same day that the law on cyber security of the People's Republic of China came into effect. From June 1 onwards, China's network security work has a basic legal framework, for the network also has more legal constraints, China's information security industry into a new era. "Network security Law" further improve the personal information protection rules, in the future, the two strong competition, uncompromising embarrassing situation or can be avoided.

In addition to legislation to clear the responsibility of security manufacturers, "network Security Law" also set up a key information infrastructure security protection system, the establishment of key information infrastructure data Cross-border transmission rules, which has also played a positive role in the security construction of the data center. Data center security and energy-saving emission reduction, has always been the focus of major centers, the 2017 China Data Center Market Annual meeting, the participants gave their own suggestions.

Modular design is a security prerequisite

Data center security is not a new topic, especially in the cloud era, cloud architecture let the data center security boundary collapse, everything can penetrate to the cloud security threats, is the data center is facing the biggest security problem. Security is particularly important because data centers are hosting and handling large amounts of high-value data, including personal customer data, financial information and business secrets.

Xinhua three Group product line leader, the network is the carrier of data transmission, the network security construction of datacenter generally to consider several aspects: the rational planning of the network security zones and the access rights between different regions, to ensure that the user or client communications to provide the right license, Prevent illegal access and vicious attacks of invasion and destruction.

The establishment of a highly reliable network platform for data transmission in the network to provide a high availability of transmission channels, to avoid data loss, and to provide relevant security technology to prevent the data in the transmission process is read and change is the data center security requirements. In addition, the data center will provide the platform to protect the network platform itself, to ensure that the network platform can continue to operate highly reliable.

In order to carry out reasonable network security design, the author first requires the basic network of the data center, adopts the modular design method, divides the data center into different functional regions according to the user access characteristics and the core function of the application deployed on the data center server.

"The modular design concept of basic design should be the enterprise philosophy of planning and design construction." "China Electronic Energy Conservation Technology Association Data Center Energy-Saving Technology Committee executive deputy director Zhang Guangming said."

To meet the challenge of modularity

"At present, data center construction technology is developing very fast, and there are many new technologies." But in a comprehensive perspective, the challenges remain. "Zhang Guangming analysis," the ability of continuous operation is the first indicator of data center infrastructure construction; With the increase of IT equipment availability, the quality of the support capacity of high-density stent becomes a problem; the problem of energy saving is already affecting the capacity of data center construction and operation. ”

In view of the above challenges, the modular design concept highlights the advantages.

Availability is the first important indicator of data center. "Availability" refers to the probability that a data center will be able to operate normally, including the possibility of repair, within a specified period of time, under prescribed environmental conditions. repairable requires continuous operation, which forces us to take a modular path. "Zhang Guangming said.

Adaptability is also a very important aspect of the datacenter infrastructure. "The technology development of IT equipment, the cycle of technology change is 2-3 years." As an infrastructure, there will always be some adaptation changes that cannot be built again in three or two years. Adaptability is a special situation, which promotes the birth and development of modular construction concept. "Zhang Guangming said.

The modular architecture design method can distinguish different functional regions clearly in the data center, and carry on the corresponding network security design for different function area's security protection requirement. "This architecture design is scalable and can be easily added to new areas, depending on the needs of future business development, without the need for major changes to the entire architecture and better scalability." "Zhang Guangming said.

Reducing costs also needs to be addressed in a modular way. Data center planning cycle is often 15-20 years, but the initial business development, the volume of business, to achieve the planned amount of data will take time. In this case, how to do with the growth of the business infrastructure of the gradual investment, modularity can be solved. "The modular concept can not only grow with the economy, but also reduce energy consumption." From the three elements of data center value, modularity is an inevitable trend. "Zhang Guangming said.

Use space to define efficiency

"Modular configuration is the data center standard configuration, and for small and medium-sized computer rooms and users this scheme is more meaningful." "Network energy product line expert Li Hui said.

Small and medium-sized enterprises below dozens of square meters of the application scenario, is called the Integrated module data room. "There is an integrated data center, the first time to achieve the refrigeration, power is placed in a space, the configuration to make extreme standardization." We continue to simplify the project, through modularity and standardization, to achieve data center efficient and reliable. How to change the traditional room into a standardized, beautiful, reasonable room, this is our current efforts in the direction. "said Li Hui.

Using space to define efficiency, Li Hui introduced, it is through the modular products and solutions to achieve this goal. "With modular and standardized technology, energy usage (PUE) can be reduced to less than 1.4 by unconventional means," he said. Modular products can also achieve data center reliability through real-time monitoring, alarm and management of battery parameters. ”

Recently, the housing department issued a new national standard "Data Center design Code", since January 1, 2018, the original "Electronic Information System Room design Code" at the same time abolition. The introduction of new norms is catering to the needs of the new data center in the current construction.

New norms, the performance requirements of a-level data center are supplemented, additional provisions are added to the location of the data center, the relevant provisions of the data center are increased, the temperature of the host room in the datacenter is adjusted, and the performance of the Back-up diesel generator is increased; finally from the safety point of view, Increased standby power design requirements and grounding practices.

"Data center is the basis of all information," Data Center design code as a data center construction standards, will be the data center of advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and reliable escort. "said Li Hui.

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