Data cracking of a kml correction Software

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Recently, I want to write a Google Map correction software. First, there are not many tools available on the Internet. All the software is charged more than three times or files exceed a certain size. Write a kml file in Python and make the correction small.ProgramThe operation is okay, but the biggest problem is the accuracy of the database correction. I used a feeling that the accuracy is average. I found a correction software exceeding the size charge and found some hidden files after decompression, the largest dat. DM is undoubtedly data. If the extension is rar, opening fails. If you change the password to zip, the system prompts you to use the password. At the same time, we found that there was dat. DB which was run after the extension was changed to exe. This was originally an unrar program. Obviously, this is used to decompress the previous zip package. The unrar parameter contains the compressed package password. The idea is to write a program to replace this unrar, and write the received parameters into the file. The password is clear at a glance. I uninstalled the bulky vs for a long time, so I opened the devcpp that I didn't use after I took the postgraduate entrance exam. The program is very simple, but I haven't touched the C language for a year and a half. I still have to ask du Niang for help.
After replacing the program, run the correction software, and the result remains stuck for a long time. The stuck process is terminated, and c: \ Users \ XXX \ appdata \ Local \ temp \ mars2wgs.txt cannot be found. Mars2wgs.txt is the decompressed data file. In this case, another method is used to directly obtain the decompressed data file. This file is deleted every time the program is run. An error occurred while trying to disable the deletion of the file. Then try to correct the program and remove all permissions from the output file. In this way, the program reports an error.CodeAfter the output file is written, the data file will not be deleted. In this way, the data file is obtained successfully.
The unzipping password is not satisfactory. As a result, follow the first method. I found a problem with my own program. You forgot to close the file after writing the file. After modifying the password, you can obtain the password.
The most annoying thing is getting data files and analysis formats. WTF is completely dizzy.

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