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To enhance the persuasive power of PowerPoint presentations, we often use charts on slides. If you use a chart and then set up a sequence of animation for it, so that the data demo also moved, it is usually achieved to attract listeners attention, enhance the effectiveness of the demonstration persuasive.

First step: Create a PowerPoint chart

In PowerPoint, create a new slide, set content layout to content in the Slide Layout task pane, and then switch to the Slide Design task pane to select an appropriate design template for your slides (this example is "rapturous").

Click the Insert Chart button in the slide body placeholder to enter the chart creation state, where you can fill in the data table directly with the data you used to create the chart, as shown in Figure 1. When you are finished, click anywhere outside the chart to complete the creation of the chart and create a good chart effect as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Chart effect

Small Tips

You can also import data from an existing Excel table when you create a chart. Select the edit → import file command to eject the Import File dialog box and automatically import data after the data file is selected.

Step two: Set the sequence animation for the chart

Select the chart you want to animate, switch to the Custom Animation task pane, click the Add Effect button, and select the Enter → more effects → gradient command from the menu that pops up.

After you click OK, click the drop-down arrow for gradient Chart 1 in the Custom Animation list, and select effect Options in the Drop-down menu, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Selecting the Effect Options command

In the Gradient dialog box that pops up, select the Chart Animation tab, then click the Drop-down button to the right of the combo list box and select the elements by sequence in the pop-up Drop-down list, as in Figure 3, you can preview the effect of the animation by clicking the OK button.

Figure 3 Selecting "Elements by Sequence" item

After previewing, you can further set properties such as the speed of the animation in the Custom Animation task pane to achieve perfect results.

Small Tips

A chart imported by copying and pasting (or inserting an object) cannot do this sort of sequence animation in PPT, and if you are ready to set up a sequence animation for a chart, you must make a chart using the method of creating a chart directly in PPT.

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