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Email client encryption:

1. Foxmail

Foxmail is often used by everyone. Its convenient template-based input and simple multi-account management make it stand out among many mail client software, which is recognized by everyone. Foxmail introduces an access password function in Multi-account management, that is, it allows multiple users to use e-mails in one computer, and accounts are differentiated by access passwords, to achieve safe access.

To prevent emails from being randomly viewed, You need to encrypt your account: select and right-click your account and select the "access password" command (17 ), in the "password" window, enter the same password in the "password" and "OK" columns, and then press the "OK" button to encrypt the account.

An encrypted account is marked with a lock, indicating that the account is encrypted. Double-click the account or use the account to send and receive emails. A Password dialog box appears. Enter the correct password to continue the operation.

Tip: to clear the password of an encrypted account, double-click the account, enter the correct password, and click "access password" in the "Account" menu or pop-up menu ", in the displayed dialog box, press "OK" without entering any password.

However, because Foxmail only performs simple password verification and the email itself is not encrypted, Foxmail is likely to be cracked. If your email is very important, we recommend that you export emails to Word files, and then use Office encryption technology or some professional third-party software to encrypt them to ensure mail security.

2. Outlook Express

As a self-built component of Windows, Outlook Express has a high user usage. However, it does not seem reassuring in terms of security. In this case, we can establish an identity to make OE more secure.

Open OE, select "file/ID/Add new ID", and enter the name of the new ID (18), such as encrypt. Then, select the "Password required" check box and click "OK" to switch to the newly created identity. Next, you need to set the information of the account corresponding to the identity, after the input is complete, the main interface of OE is displayed.

Tip: the identity function of OE is quite useful. When there are different accounts, they can use their respective mailboxes without affecting each other. Of course, you can also create multiple mailboxes, so that each account will have multiple mailboxes of its own (this is why I want to mention the OE logo ).

After you successfully create an ID, the system will allow you to select an entry (19) from the existing ID every time you start OE ). After selecting the password, enter the password (the master ID does not need a password) and click OK to enter your mailbox. In addition, select the id you want to enter in "Switch new ID" in the "file" menu, and enter the correct password to switch from the current ID to another ID.

Tip: you cannot close the window when exiting the identity. Otherwise, the user will directly enter the identity without entering the password when opening the OE next time. The correct method is to select "file/exit and unregister the identity ", in this case, you have to enter the password to start OE next time!

3. Dreammail

Right-click a mailbox and select "Advanced/encryption" (20). In the pop-up "Enter Password" window, set the password. You will need the password to access this mailbox later. Of course, right-click this mailbox and select "Advanced/encryption". In the pop-up window, do not enter any password. Click "OK" to cancel password lock.

4. Becky! Internet Mail

Although most people use Outlook Express and Foxmail as their own email programs, Becky! Internet Mail is also an excellent email program. It supports many plug-ins and more people are using it. It also provides encryption functions.

Select "tools/general settings", click the "General" tab, select "password at startup", and enter the start password (21) in the window that opens ), click OK twice. Restart Becky. If the password is incorrect, it cannot be used.

5. POP Peeper

With POP Peeper, We can regularly check an unlimited number of POP3 and Hotmail/MSN mailboxes, and display the mail directories of different mailboxes in different colors! At this time, we can also set a password for POP Peeper to Prevent email information leakage.

Click "options/set administrator password", enter the password in the window that opens, and select "use password protection" (22). Then, double-click the icon and the password will be required, otherwise, it cannot be accessed.

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