Data speak: What is the most sought-after programmer?

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We are divided into two points, first of all, we look at the factors that affect the programmer's pay rise.

1.1 What kind of programmer raises the most salary?

Android, IOS, Web front-end pay increases are higher than in other languages. For a single programmer, to get a higher pay rise, choosing the hottest language and work place is the cornerstone of success. Other conclusions are not over-described in the September Programmer's job-hopping guide.

1.2 What kind of programmers are most sought after?

Two of the most directly relevant factors are: The programming language used with the working city.

Mobile development and the Web front-end are in great demand, so this type of programmer can get more interview invitations.

And Beijing's internet industry is more developed, so Beijing's programmers are more sought-after.

The two factors of negative correlation are: The working years and the initiative of job seeking. Each active job seeker receives an average of 5.6 interview offers, while passive job seekers are 8.4, stating that passive job seekers are not in a hurry to change jobs because they have the more scarce skills on the market.

Programmers who have worked for more than 5 years have received more interviews than programmers who have just worked around 2 years. I think this is mainly because there are fewer job opportunities for programmers with rich working experience.

How does the Internet work better to recruit talent?

First look at the salary factor:

1, the most effective salary increase should be between 10%-60% , this interval of the offer programmer is very easy to accept, at the same time, the programmer to >60% pay rise did not show a corresponding significantly higher acceptance rate. Perhaps the reason is that this kind of offer is mostly from the financial or traditional industry local tyrants transformation of the Internet, programmers may not have a cold. The local tyrants are going to refuel.

Note: the "horizontal axis 0.6 ~ 2" "shows the ratio of offer salary to current salary, that is, 0.6 means that offer salary is 0.6 times times of current salary.

2, from the distribution of interview invitations, or more in line with the normal distribution. at present, most of the 100offer platform is a start-up company, they may not be able to pay a high premium recruitment programmer, but 100offer is also a start-up company, more welcome all kinds of start-up companies to recruit.

Second, companies need to consider at least two issues:

• Who will send an offer? Professional HR, or Senior engineer, or CEO, CTO in person to play?

• How do I send an offer? What is the interview invitation to write, to love, or to take money to hit people?

As a result, personality interview invitations and the right salary are the most influential factors. Personality interview invitation, not only can perfect show the strength of the company, but also reflects the attention and strong demand for each other. In the interview invitation I have seen no lack of impressive offer, or noble cool, or selling funny, or literary talent flying, have the opportunity to write a special study next time.

In the future, I will pay enough attention to each job applicant in the recruitment, in the case of time permitting, give them their own personality interview invitations.

I am surprised and I can not believe that the interview from the engineer/co-founder the invitation is actually a negative impact , the only reason to think is that many CEOs or CTO is still in the start-up period of helplessness, so Sad ...

Finally, the reason why the programmer refuses:

Most reasons for rejection have nothing to do with money!

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Data speak: What is the most sought-after programmer?

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