Data Guard log transmission optimization ------ network transmission optimization practices

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Data Guard log transmission optimization ------ network transmission optimization practices (I) adequate network bandwidth is the basis for log transmission optimization experience value budget formula: bandwidth demand = log generation/0.7X8 Note: oracle logs are generated in large bytes (8 bits), while the network bandwidth is small bit (1 bits) therefore, the simplest way to determine the log generation is to collect AWR reports for normal and peak hours to determine the Redo data volume generated by the production database per second. it is 3 MBps (3 mb per second ), the network bandwidth needs 3 MB/0.7*8 = 34 Mbps that is to say, for the system, network conditions need at least T3/DS-39 (bandwidth can reach 44.7 Mbps) (ii) Reasonably set the Oracle Net SDU parameters. When Oracle Net transfers data, Oracle caches the data in the SDU (session data unit) memory. Therefore, the SDU parameter can be reasonably increased. Improves the Data Guard log transmission performance, for example, in sqlnet. set the following Oracle experience values in the ora file: [SQL] DEFAULT_SDU_SIZE = 32767 in tnsnames. [SQL] = (DESCRIPTION = (SDU = 32767) (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = tcp) (HOST = sales-server) (PORT = 1521) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = in listener. in the ora file, perform the following configuration: [SQL] SID_LIST_listener_name = (SID_LIST = (SID_DESC = (SDU = 32767) (SID_NAME = sales ). Configure the same row, so as not to adjust the same configuration after changing the role (3) Reasonably set the TCP Sockte Buffer parameter when the network latency is high, to make full use of network bandwidth, we recommend that you set TCP Socket experience with expanding the Buffer parameter: tcp Socket Buffer = 3 * BDP = network bandwidth * network RTT value, for example, if the bandwidth is 1 Gbps and RTT is 25 ms, Tcp Socket Buffer size = 3*1000000000/8*0.025 = 9375000 Byte in tnsnames. ora configures a single service name: [SQL] = (DESCRIPTION = (SEND_BUF_SIZE = 9375000) (RECV_BUF_SIZE = 9375000) (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = tcp) (HOST = hr1- Server) (PORT = 1521) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = in listener. configure ora: [SQL] LISTENER2 = (DESCRIPTION = (SEND_BUF_SIZE = 9375000) (RECV_BUF_SIZE = 9375000) (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = tcp) (HOST = sales-server) (PORT = 1521) in sqlnet. configure ora: [SQL] RECV_BUF_SIZE = 9375000 SEND_BUF_SIZE = 9375000 (4) Reasonably set the length of the network device queue parameter the network device queue is the communication buffer area between the network kernel and the network adapter. Reasonably set the length parameter of the queue, which can effectively prevent data loss problems caused by network congestion bottlenecks and improved network transmission efficiency. For example, in Linux, this parameter is increased from 100 by default 10000 [SQL] [root @ Think ~] # Echo 20000>/proc/sys/net/core/netdev_max_backlog [root @ Think ~] # Echo 1>/proc/sys/net/ipv4/route/flush [root @ Think ~] # Ifconfig eth0 txqueuelen 10000

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