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Introduction to text file output (skipped ):
1. Run this as a command instead: output the result to the command line or script
2. Number of steps in the file name: If you run the steps in multiple copies, the number of copies will be included in the file name.
3. Include partition nr in filename: Number of Data partitions contained in the file name
4. Date of file name inclusion
5. File Name inclusion time
6. append
7. delimiter
8. delimiter: a pair of Characters in the enclosed field. Optional.
9. Add a closure character to the field
10. header: If you have a header row, select
11. Tail: If you have a tail row, select
12. Format: DOS file separators can be carriage return or line breaks
13. encoding: Specify the encoding. If the white space is blank, the default encoding is used.
14. Compression (Compression): Specifies the Compression type (zip, gzip)
15. Right pad fields: Add spaces or delete characters at the end of the field until the length reaches the specified value.
16. Fast data dump (no formatting): improves performance when processing a large amount of data to a text file (excluding any formatting information)
17. Split each line: If n is greater than 0, use n lines to split the text file into multiple parts.
18. Add Ending line of file: Specify the end row of the output text.

Specific operations:

Data GridAnd

And edit the test data, such:

After the operation, we can click the run button (remember to save it first) to view the output result, such:

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