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Network data loading system (WEBCUTPURSE)

System Version: Version 1.0

Instructions for use

function: Intercept network Data Universal class, use this class can intercept the network text, picture, Flash, music and so on


Properties of the class


URL Properties: Loaded URLs

FileURL Properties: Files on the network (such as pictures, flash, etc.) address

Savefilepath property: Save to Local Path

BSTR property: Processing the starting point of the fetch string

Estr property: Handles the end point of the fetch string

Char property: String used to extract Chinese pinyin

Webfolderpath: Subdirectories on the network (such as Http:// so BBS/JS is the network subdirectory)

REGSTR: Is the content extracted by regular expressions

Pattern attribute: Regular expression


Methods of the class


SaveFile method: Extracts the files on the network to the native, and their corresponding properties Fileurl,filepath

Dehttpdata method: Regular fetch content, its corresponding property Regstr,pattern

Getwebbody method: Extracts the content of the Web page, its corresponding property URL

Getpychar method: Extracts the first pinyin of the Chinese character, its corresponding attribute Char (Note: This attribute can only be one Chinese character, two or more than two will error)

Getstr (Wyd_body) Method: Extracts a string function from the left, and the corresponding property of the parameter to be extracted BSTR,ESTR

Getrstr (Wyd_body) method: The string function is extracted from the right, and the corresponding property of the parameter is the content to be extracted bstr,estr

Makenewfolder method: Creates a folder with its corresponding property Webfolderpath (note: The generated directory is to be under the current directory)

Iserr Method: Handling Errors

Showerrmsg method: Apparent error reason

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