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Solution 1: 1.
Install envi2.
Parameter settings for improving Running Efficiency

In order to make full use of the memory of the Local Computer, choose File> preferences on the ENVI Main Menu. A dialog box is displayed:

Figure parameter settings

Click OK to save the setting and restart envi. Complete the efficiency improvement settings.

Data Import

The projection information of beijing 54 and Xi'an 80 is not available under envi. To perform projection conversion, you must first perform custom projection under envi. For the projection parameters, see the attachment. The procedure is as follows:

Figure BEIJING 54, Xi 'an 80 elliptical and datum Parameters

Copy the parameters in the attachment to the corresponding file in the installation directory as follows:

Figure file in the installation directory

The parameters of the elliptical body and the datum plane need to be matched one by one. To facilitate user-defined search, we recommend that you place the two parameters in the last line of the two files. After copying, restart envi, then perform projection customization. Take the operation as an example:

1) open the file and view the Mapinfo information. There is no projection information, and the data itself is a projection of Beijing 54. In this case, you need to customize and add the projection information under envi.

The projection of the graph data is not displayed.

2) custom projection

ENVI> map> customize map projection the following dialog box is displayed. For specific parameter settings, see note:

Figure custom projection dialog box

3) Save and view custom projection File Information

Figure Save the projection Information

View the projection information in the root directory

4) add projection to the image

Right-click the image's MapInfo> edit map information and add the preceding 3) saved projection information to display the projection normally.

Add projection Information

Data mosaic and color balancing

If you do not need to customize the image projection, open the image file and set it in the mosaic dialog box.

The procedure is as follows:

1) open an image file

ENVI> basic tools> mosaicking> georeferenced:

Graph mosaic dialog box

3) set parameters

Right-click an image and choose edit entry. The dialog box is displayed:

Figure parameter settings and details

Other image operations are shown above. After the revision, click OK to perform the mosaic operation.

4) run the embedded function apply

In the mosaic function dialog box, click File> apply to bring up the running dialog box:

Figure running parameter settings

Click OK to run the mosaic function.

Result save graph result diagram scheme 2:

1. There is an extension patch "mosaic_batch.sav" under ENVI, which is stored in "Home (D: \ Program Files (x86)" in the installation path of envi itt )) ENVI is restarted in the \ ITT \ IDL \ idl80 \ products \ envi48 \ save_add folder. 2. Run basic tools> mosaicking> mosaic bacth3 on the ENVI main menu and add data. The patch does not contain color balancing. If the image color difference is large, we recommend that you use the mosaic function in the ENVI main menu.

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