Data recovery practices: The Adventures of encrypted ultra-disk data

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Stone has nothing to do this afternoon. My friend said that the 4g usb flash drive is cheap and the quality is good. I checked it from the Internet. It is true that the cheapest 4g flash drive is less than 99 yuan, for example, patriot elite L8267 (4 GB ),(Http:// The price is 99 RMB. As soon as I saw it, I called the fat brother in the dormitory to go downstairs and go to the computer market outside the school to see if I could buy a USB flash drive!

I. Purchase 4G USB flash drives

After arriving at the computer city, all kinds of computers and related accessories are available, and we are dazzled. Because this topic is to buy a USB flash drive, we can comprehensively consider the quality, brand, and price, later, we chose Kingston's USB flash drive. Kingston's brand is still good, just make a memory stick. Therefore, when I came back from the computer city, I had an additional 4U disk of Kingston DT110, which was only 60 yuan. It was hard to imagine! Stone has been living by a USB flash drive. Today I have my own 4g flash drive, as shown in 1. Of course, I have to study it!

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Figure 1 purchased USB flash drive

Ii. use USB flash drives

You can't wait to open your computer, plug in the new USB flash drive, and start using research. Shortly after the computer was inserted, the USB flash drive wizard appeared, and the USB flash drive was opened directly. There was only one pdf document and one encryption software in the USB flash drive. Double-click the executable software. The operation interface shown in 2 is displayed.

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Figure 2 USB flash drive settings page

There are four compound options in the current settings, they are "create shortcuts on the toolbar", "create shortcuts on the desktop", "Login confirmation not required", and "Exit confirmation not required", respectively ", I selected the following two items. The system sets the language version "Chinese (China)" for the software by default. You can select other languages by yourself. The default security zone size is 1374 MB, the database zone is 3876 mb. You can drag the display bar to set the size of the security zone and data zone.

Iii. Improper Operations

Since the first time I used it, I felt fresh. After I entered it, I directly changed the size of the security zone. I accidentally turned it into a security zone. I didn't take it into detail at the time. After setting it up, and then exit. After exiting, I thought the two files in the USB flash drive were ugly and I deleted them directly. When I dragged some common materials and software into the drive, the system prompts that the space was insufficient, right-click Properties. There is only 10 MB of space, and there are hundreds of megabytes of data and software. How can this happen? Is this USB flash drive fake? I bought a Suwon? Or is there a quality problem with this USB flash drive? It must be too heavy. It is good to learn computer, and there must be a solution!

4. A long journey to recover a USB flash drive

1. Format and restore disk capacity

The general practice is to format the disk. After formatting, the disk capacity will naturally come out. Therefore, the first choice is to format the disk. After formatting, the lost capacity will be ready! Do not hesitate to format the confidential USB flash drive. After formatting, drag the data to the USB flash drive again! It seems that the disk space is still 10 MB, regardless of whether the disk is used for formatting.

2. Restore with database recovery software

Ask for help in the group. Someone suggested that you use the data recovery software to restore the accidentally deleted files. When restoring data, be sure not to write files to the disk partition to be restored, otherwise, the disk data cannot be completely restored even with the recovery software. An Easy Recovery software has been installed and run on the Internet, as shown in 3.

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Figure 3 use Easy Recovery data Recovery software

Click "data recovery" and follow the prompts to start data recovery. After a long wait, the data is restored, but the disk size remains unchanged, 10 MB or 10 MB! 4. In the face of the situation, I felt a little anxious!

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Figure 4 the disk is still 10 MB

3. Seek Solutions online

Stone wants to go to the official website to check it out. Maybe we can find the program required by the stone or restore it to factory settings. But before that, the stone should first determine whether the stone U disk is genuine. Find and download the "Chip Genius" software on the Internet. You can use the software to view the USB device information. The result 5 is displayed, and the device serial number is found.

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Figure 5 use Chip Genius to obtain the software serial number

Enter the serial number verification email address on the official website. The email address is verified to be genuine. The mind is to put it down. (If you can't do it, just change it ). But why? I went to Google to search for a number of such cases. They mentioned a tool called "mass production tool" and Shi registered an account in the digital house, as shown in figure 6.

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Figure 6 register an account to find a production tool

After registering an account, I found it for half a day and still did not find a production tool suitable for my U disk model. It seems that there are not necessarily any solutions on the Internet.

4. Review and think about misoperations

At this time, I was wondering what I have done since I inserted the USB flash drive into my computer:

First, I encrypt the USB flash drive and then encrypt it. There should be no errors during this operation.

2. When I cannot copy the file into the USB flash drive, I formatted the USB flash drive.

Third, I have recovered all the documents I copied before with the recovery software. If there is no space available, it means that the recovered space is still unencrypted, that is, the encrypted space is still not

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