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Python Natural Language Processing (photocopy) provides a very easy introduction to natural language processing, ranging from text and e-mail predictive filtering, to automated summarization and translation, to multiple language processing technologies. In Python Natural language processing (photocopy), you will learn to write a Python program that handles large amounts of unstructured text. You will also understand the main algorithms used to analyze written communication content and structure by accessing rich annotated datasets using a comprehensive language data structure.
Python natural language processing prepares ample examples and exercises to help you:
Extracting information from unstructured text, even guessing the subject or identifying "named entities";
Analyze text language structure, including parsing and semantic analysis;
Access to popular linguistic databases, including WordNet and tree libraries (treebank);
Integration techniques extracted from a wide range of linguistic and AI fields.
Python Natural Language Processing (photocopy) will help you learn to use the Python programming language and Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) for practical natural language processing skills. If you're interested in developing web apps, analyzing multilingual news feeds, or documenting endangered languages-even if you just want to see how human languages work from a programmer's perspective, you'll find that Python natural language processing is a fascinating and extremely useful book.
Steven Bird is an associate professor of computer science and software engineering at the University of Melbourne and a senior research associate at the University of Pennsylvania Language Data Association.
Klein is a professor of language technology at the University of Edinburgh School of Information.
Lopu recently received a PhD in machine learning natural language processing from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently a researcher at the Boston BBN Technologies Company.
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Data Structure _python language description (English) PDF

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