Data structure basic concepts and terminology of byte, Word, bit string, elements, etc. _ Application techniques

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Data structure basic concepts and terminology: bit, byte, word, bit string, element, data field, physical structure, logical structure

Bit: "Bit" is the smallest unit of data in the computer. The state of each bit can only be 0 or 1.
Bytes (byte): 8 bits constitute 1 bytes (byte), which is the basic unit of measurement for storage space. 1 bytes can store 1 English letters or half Chinese characters, in other words, 1 Chinese characters occupy 2 bytes of storage space.

Word: "word" consists of a number of bytes, the number of digits is called word length, different grades of machines have different length. For example, a 8-bit machine, its 1 words is equal to 1 bytes, word length is 8 bits. If it is a 16-bit machine, then its 1 words are composed of 2 bytes, word length is 16 bits. A word is a unit of data processing and computing for a computer.

A bit string: A number of bits are grouped together to form a bit string.

Element: A bit string that is formed by a number of bits to represent a data element, usually called the bit string as an element or node.

Data field: When a data element consists of several data items, the substring of a bit string corresponding to each data item is called the data field.

Physical structure (also known as storage structure): The representation of data structures in a computer (also known as mappings).

Logical structure: The "relationship" in the definition of structure describes the logical relationship between data elements, and therefore is also called the logical structure of data.

1 Introduction of the word string is only for the accurate description of the concept of elements, described by a number of combinations of names
2) Bit string-element
3) Sub-bit string-data field
4 element is the representation of the data element in the computer (also known as the image)
5 element or node is based on the concept of physical structure, and data elements are based on the concept of logical structure

Basic concepts and terminology of data structure: date, data element, data item, data object, data structure, structure
Data: Is the symbolic representation of objective things, in computer science, all the symbols that can be entered into a computer and processed by a computer program.
Data element: The basic unit of data, usually considered and processed as a whole in a computer program.
Data item: A data element can consist of several data items, and the data item is the smallest unit of data.
Data object: A collection of data elements of the same nature and a subset of the data.
Data structure (Structure): A collection of elements that have one or more specific relationships between each other.
Structure (Structure): The relationship of data elements to each other.
Understanding: 1 Data is a general concept, including characters, but also include images, sounds, and so on, is what we usually say the data, such as, my hard drive is missing the data, the concept of this data should be said here the data.
2 The data element is the basic unit of the data, which can be subdivided.
3 The data item is the constituent of the data element, it is also the smallest unit of the data.
4 The data object is a set of data elements of some kind, which have common points, smaller than the range of data.
5) Note that the data structure here is not the meaning of the relationship, but a collection of various elements that exist in relation to each other.
6 structure is the meaning of the relationship.

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