Data structure code and parsing-----stack

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1#include <stdio.h>2#include <stdlib.h>3#include <malloc.h>4 5typedefstructNode//Defining Nodes6 {7     intdata;8     structNode *Pnext;9}node, *Pnode;Ten  OnetypedefstructStack//defines the stack, which is equivalent to a box; a total of 2 nodes, one representing the top of the box, indicating the bottom. A { -Pnode ptop;//Top of Box -Pnode Pbottom;//Bottom the}stack, *Pstack; -  - voidInit (pstack PS) - { +Ps->ptop = (pnode) malloc (sizeof(NODE));//Create an empty stack first -     if(NULL = = ps->ptop) +     { Aprintf"dynamic memory allocation failure!\n"); atExit (-1); -     } -     Else -     { -Ps->pbottom = ps->ptop; -Ps->pbottom->pnext = NULL;//or use Ps->ptop->pnext = NULL in         //because they're just starting to point to the same place---bottom, as long as the bottom of the pointer field is empty. -     } to } +  - voidPush (Pstack PS,intval) the { *Pnode pnew = (pnode) malloc (sizeof(NODE));//Create a new node and put it in the stack . $     if(NULL = =pnew)Panax Notoginseng     { -printf"dynamic memory allocation failure!\n"); theExit (-1); +     } A  thePnew->data =Val; +Pnew->pnext = ps->ptop; -Ps->ptop =pnew; $  $     return; - } -  the voidTraverse (Pstack PS)//Traverse Output - {WuyiPnode p = ps->ptop;//Note that you must use P to temporarily store the node pointer on the top of the box, or the top of the box at the end of the node pointer changes---will affect other function execution the      -      while(P! = ps->pbottom)//when p = = Ps->pbottom is finished, the P has become the Ps->pbottom bottom Wu     { -printf"%d", p->data); Aboutp = p->Pnext; $     } -Putchar (Ten); -  -     return; A } +  the BOOLempty (pstack PS) - { $     if(Ps->ptop = = ps->pbottom) the     { the         return true; the     } the     Else -         return false; in } the //Stack the stack that the PS points to, and put the elements of the stack into the variable that pval points to. the BOOLPop (Pstack PS,int*pVal) About { the     if(Empty (PS)) the     { the         return false; +     } -     Else the     {BayiPnode r = ps->ptop; the*pval = r->data; thePs->ptop = r->Pnext; -          - Free (r); theR =NULL; the     } the  the     return true; - } the  the  the voidClear (Pstack PS)//empty--Frees up memory94 { the     if(Empty (PS)) the         return; the     Else98     { AboutPnode p = ps->ptop; -Pnode q =NULL;101 102          while(P! = ps->pbottom)103         {104Q = p->Pnext; the Free (p);106p = q;//at the end, p (ps->ptop) has been pointed at the bottom of the ps->pbottom, but the contents of ps->ptop are not empty nodes.107         }108 109Ps->ptop = ps->pbottom;//So when emptying, the data field to be Ps->ptop is also empty . the     }111 } the 113 intMainvoid) the { the     intVal; the STACK S;117Init (&S);118     119Push (&s,1); -Push (&s,2);121Push (&s,3);122Push (&s,4);123Push (&s,5);124Traverse (&S); the 126Pop (&s, &val);//out of the stack only once127printf"The number of data fields stored for the node you are out of the stack is:%d\n", Val); -Traverse (&S);129  theClear (&S);131Traverse (&s);//No, there'll be a blank line. the 133     return 0;134}

Data structure code and parsing-----stack

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