Data types for the C # language Foundation

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Data Type

1. Value types
(1) integer type: signed integer and unsigned integer type.

The difference is that unsigned integers are larger than the positive range of a signed integer. 2x+1

signed integer : sbyte,short,int, long with positive negative, range increased by write

unsigned integer : Byte,ushort,uint,ulong only positive, and the range is increased in turn

(2) Float type : float, double, decimal

(3) character type (Unicode type):char= ' Hello world! ’

(4) Boolean type :boll(Ture,false) (judging with T or F)

(5) date Time type :datetime Date Time type save date time


(7) DateTime type : datetime

(8) enum type : Enum e{...} User-defined type of shape

(9) structure type : struct s{...} Form user-defined type

2. Reference types

(1) String type :string (with double quotation mark "")

String is equivalent to the concept of a character type, long length, the definition of the need to use double quotation marks

(2)var variable type stores all types of data---a wide range of storage types

3. value types differ from reference types:

Value types store numeric values directly, the reference type stores an address, reads the address first, and then reads the value from the address

4. Kanji is a string, can not be converted to int characters, string can not be mathematical operations, the concatenation between the strings with A +, such as : A + "You" +b+ "good" +c

Data types for the C # language Foundation

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