Data types in PHP 8

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PHP supports eight types of data altogether

4 Types of scalar data

  1. The Boolean Boolean has only two values of true and flase
  2. Integer shaping includes positive and negative integers, no decimal digits
  3. Float/double floating-point type, for storing numbers, with decimal digits
  4. String string type, which can store a collection of all characters

2 Types of Compliance

  1. Array of arrays, all types of the same variable combination
  2. Object object, which is the case of an object, uses the "New Class ()" constructor to copy the class, and the clone of the class is referred to as the case of the class

2 Special types:

  1. The resource resource type, a special variable, also known as a handle, is a resource address stored in memory, specifically the address of a MySQL server connection object that is stored in an in-memory file or virtual table.
  2. A null type that indicates that the variable has no value, and that the only value is null,null and null are the same

Data types in PHP 8

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