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Before processing, let's talk about data visualization.

Data Visualization-as the name suggests, it is a research on the visual representation of data. It presents data in other ways to make it more intuitive,

It is clearer and easier to analyze and process. common expressions such as wide-used histograms, tree charts, line charts, and pie charts are used in word.

The basic idea of data visualization technology is to represent each data item in the database as a single element. A large number of datasets constitute data.

Image, and each attribute value of the data is expressed in the form of multi-dimensional data. You can observe the data from different dimensions

More in-depth observation and analysis.

We know that it is difficult for people to analyze the characteristics of a series of numbers and make people feel confused.

Visual fatigue. To solve this problem, using processing for data analysis makes it a good choice to "speak" the data.

Processing is a language and a tool for data visualization.

Processing is a revolutionary and forward-looking emerging computer language. It introduces programming languages in the Electronic Art environment,

Introduce the concept of electronic art to programmers. It is an extension of the Java language and supports many existing Java language architectures.

Syntax is much simpler and has many considerate and user-friendly designs. Processing can be used on Windows and Mac

OS x, Mac OS 9, Linux, and other operating systems.

Processing features easy to learn and easy to learn. It does not require strong programming experience and can communicate with single-chip microcomputer (such as Arduino ).

Information (based on the serial port), and then draw the data obtained from the serial port, you can also draw 3D graphics to achieve brilliant results. It is developed by MIT

School (MIT) Media Lab (M. I .t. Media Laboratory) Its aesthetics and computing team (Aesthetics & computation group)

MemberCasey reasAndBen FryWrite, programming language inspired by Arduino (do not know Arduino can view my blog), and Arduino


The picture on the left is processing IDE, and the picture on the right is Arduino IDE, which is very similar.

This section describes a small work Diagram Based on processing:

Place the mouse in the black area, and the cube can capture the movement of the mouse and parse it into data and then move it, just processing

As long as you are creative and have idea, you can achieve a variety of magical effects!


Official processing Website:

Share a processing Getting Started Guide for beginners:

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