Database Chapter 17 Data Warehouse and on-Line Analytical processing technology

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The 17th Chapter Data Warehouse and on-line analysis processing technology

There are two types of data processing tasks that are not used in computer systems: operational and analytical, also called OLTP (online transaction processing) and OLAP (Online analytical Processing)

Operational processing refers to the daily operation of the database online, usually a query and modification of one or a group of records.

Analytical processing refers to the data query and analysis operations, usually to a large amount of historical data query and analysis.

Where the data is stored, and how it is stored. The OLAP server must take into account the physical storage of these data.

Foreground tools include query reporting tools, Multidimensional analysis tools, data mining tools, and analysis results visualization tools.

On-Line Analytical processing technology

Multidimensional Data Model

Multidimensional Analysis operations

How OLAP is implemented

MOLAP structure (Multidimensional cube storage)

ROLAP structure (star pattern snowflake mode)

HOLAP structure

OLAP software provides multi-dimensional analysis and auxiliary decision-making function, for the deep analysis and discovery of the hidden laws and knowledge of data, data mining technology and the corresponding data mining software to complete.

Features of data mining:

Concept Description

Correlation analysis

Classification and prediction


Isolate point detection

Trends and Evolution Analysis

Data mining technology is application-oriented.

Database Chapter 17 Data Warehouse and on-Line Analytical processing technology

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