Database Common Commands

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Process ViewSelectCount(*) fromv$process;Command window: show parameter process;to modify the maximum number of connections allowed for a database:alter system SET processes = + scope = SPFile;  Permissions ViewSELECT * from dba_role_privs where grantee = ' SYS '; Session ViewSelect * from v$sessionShow Parameter SessionsAlter systemKillSession' 4276,1329 ';Query and kill session in a RAC environmentSelect * fromgv$sessionwhereusername=' Crm_base 'Altersystem KillSession' 4276,1329,@2 ' ; Table name ViewSelect* fromTabSelect* fromAll_tableswhereowner=' crm_so '-userSelect* fromDba_table--DBASelecttable_name from(Select * fromUser_tables)Order bytable_nameASC; User ViewSELECT * from Dba_users 
 view table spaces using physical file names, size, used space, utilizationSelectb.file_name Physical file name,b.tablespace_name table Space,b.bytes/1024/1024 size M,(B.bytes-sum (NVL (a.bytes,0)))/1024/1024 has used M,substr ((B.bytes-sum (NVL (a.bytes,0))/(b.bytes) *100,1,5) UtilizationFrom dba_free_space a,dba_data_files bwhere a.file_id=b.file_idGROUP BY B.tablespace_name,b.file_name,b.bytesorder by B.tablespace_name; extended tablespace File sizeALTER DATABASE datafile '/HOME/ORACLE/11G/DBS/NTONSITE/DATA_CS.DBF ' Resize 1000m; Set table space to auto-expand Add a tablespace filealter tablespace data_base Add datafile ' +dg_tcrm_data/crm/data_base3.dbf ' size 10m reuse autoextend on next 100m maxs ize 10g;  Deleting a tablespace filealter tablespace data_base Drop datafile ' +dg_tcrm_data/crm/data_so3.dbf '; to view a table space's create statementSELECT Dbms_metadata. GET_DDL (' tablespace ', ts.tablespace_name)From dba_tablespaces TS;  Use the Toad tool to view tables, users, table spaces, etc. create statements   Lock Table HandlingSELECT a.object_id,B.object_name,a.session_id,A.oracle_username,A.os_user_name,a.process,A.locked_mode,C.machine,C.module,C.action,D.sql_textFrom v$locked_object A, dba_objects b,v$session c,v$sql DWHERE a.object_id = b.object_id and a.session_id = c.sid and c.sql_address = d.address;  SELECT T2. USERNAME, T2. SID, T2. serial#, T2. Logon_timeFrom v$locked_object T1, v$session T2WHERE T1. session_id = T2. SIDORDER by T2. Logon_time; ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION ' 3172, 25456 '; Select p.*From v$session s,v$process pwhere s.paddr=p.addr and s.sid=3172       

Database Common Commands

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