Database connection string configuration process improvement

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When several people work on projects together (including when working with foreign customers), for the convenience of debugging, (will not affect others) we must modify the connection string of the database,
Because we usually useSource codeManagement tools, such as SVN, many people tend to sign which files are careless, which is a big problem for others, and our automatic daily build.
A careful person is also a small mental burden. If this situation can be avoided, we should try our best to avoid it.

One customer once adopted the solution of adding files such as Web. config to ingore. Then create a web. config. default. but this will cause us a lot of trouble every time we update the file, when we change the web. during the config process, we will notify all stakeholders of the project that you want to obtain this item again.

Our solution is to use domain names.
Which side of the connection string does not directly write the IP address or the name of a server, but the domain name. In this way, you can use your host to modify the domain name. Or, the more powerful is the Domain Name Server on its own. You can adjust different reverse return values from the source IP address. Yes.

The next step is to use the default instance when installing the database. Then the user name and password for database connection are the same. (It is best not to use the SA account)

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