Database processing encapsulation gotdotnet. applicationblocks. Data adohelper Dao source code

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Database processing encapsulation gotdotnet. applicationblocks. Data adohelper Dao source code
Encapsulate the gotdotnet. applicationblocks. Data adohelper source code to make the call more convenient.
Supports all common databases

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C # simple web development framework developed to save development information management system time and improve development efficiency

Build a basic web development framework (mainly including database processing, page framework and tools) to form a rapid development architecture of ASP. NET information management system.
I. framework implements list query and Chart Display Based on XML Customization
2. The list provides complex query conditions, merged columns (grouping and summation processing), summarized rows, and drill-through data and charts.
3. Editing and configuration supports adding and modifying data in a single table. You can easily expand the new fields in the master table on the editing page implemented by developers.
Enables developers to focus on system business implementation, saving development time and improving development efficiency

I only spent one month on the R & D management platform you saw (only eight hours before normal operation.
Therefore, I feel that the previously developed development architecture that uses XML configuration to implement the interface enables developers to focus on business implementation and improve the development efficiency of information management systems.

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