Database query A statement takes a long time

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July 8, 2016

Today development provides a statement that deletes data from a table, DELETE statement. Put in the plsql and then found that the execution of a half an hour is not over, this time the development of the script needs to be executed, I would like to create a new session to execute the development of the provided statements, but a simple build table statement can not be executed.

I put the delete that session in the Plsql forced to turn off, just the Plsql window, although the tube long time to force off. However, the build statement is still not able to execute. Execution is no response. This time testers reflect the Click interface is very card, login client is also always in the state of spinning.

According to the above situation, may be just forced to close the Plsql window, although the window is turned off, but the process has not been turned off.

So how does the view process exist?

View this table

SELECT * from V$session

SELECT * FROM V$session a

where A.username= 'SYS' and a.terminal= 'sha-p07010086' and a.status= ' ACTIVE ';

This is because I executed the delete that was executed by the SYS user, and my Computer name is sha-p07010086

View process Number

SELECT * FROM V$process

SELECT * from V$sqlarea b

where b.sql_id in (' Dauuu7kkf7xma ', ' gs36qsq4dju1v ');


Kill the process

Alter system kill session ' 133,15615 ' immediate;

After this, the process of my delete is killed.

It's better to look at the data later. After the testers have re-landed the app, it's okay.

Database query A statement takes a long time

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