Database selection of "large ticketing system" and "physical e-commerce system"

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Database selection (or persistent storage selection of structured data) is a problem that almost all information systems need to consider.

An information system in the development process from small to large, at different stages of development needs of the database is also different.

When the information system is in the smaller 0 basic stage. The database is usually selected according to the characteristics of care. The assumption is that CMS, Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and other applications with low quality of database services, can choose to Mariasql (MySQL was acquired, by the community development of the new version number) represented by the open source free database. The assumption is that the OA system for the database service quality requirements of the application, you need to consider the adoption of enterprise-class commercial database. Not only the database program itself can provide a richer function, can guarantee a higher quality of service, at the same time and the implementation of the hardware has a good match (such as in disaster tolerance, fault tolerance).

However, enterprise-grade commercial database with the growth of the system size, will gradually expose the shortcomings, this is not to say that enterprise-grade commercial database has any innate defects, but with the scale of growth, those dependent on the enterprise-class commercial database itself characteristics. Will gradually be unable to meet the requirements, at this time need to develop their own system of corresponding functions. As more and more functions are replaced. Enterprise-grade commercial databases are only being left with purely structured data storage.

The price/performance ratio of enterprise-grade commercial database is too low at this time. When the system developed to this stage. will have to replace enterprise-grade commercial databases, which, of course, will pay a corresponding price. In detail, the so-called "go to the IoE".

So for large systems. When considering what database to use, you should first consider which features are self-developed and which feature depends on the database. The database is then selected according to the combination of attributes that depend on the database.

(Go to the IOE concept of a matter of opinion.) This article is used only to illustrate the issues discussed in this article, not to expand this)

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Database selection of "large ticketing system" and "physical e-commerce system"

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