database table record Delete How to fix it

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[Failure category]

(i) Fault type: database table record deletion

(ii) Typical features:

1. no data or only part of the data sheet

2. The client cannot query the full information

(iii) degree of damage Rating: ★★★★


(i) Recovery process

1. Inspection Process:

(1) using the disk editor to analyze the data file MYD ;

(2) determine the possible causes of loss of table records.

2. implementation process:

(1) to backup the damaged database files;

(2) analyze the database files to determine the possible causes of the loss;

(3) for different reasons for loss, the use of self-developed software for data recovery;

(4) The data is inserted into the original database and the database is checked for integrity.

3. Acceptance Process:

(1) make mysqlcheck detection of database;

(2) querying the latest database records;

(3) The user-specified key data table for targeted verification.

(ii) Reliability analysis and time estimates for recovery:

after the table record of the database is deleted, if no other action is done, MYD content structure, the success rate of data recovery is not up to thetime, depending on the size of the database, about 1-2 days


(a) after the discovery of database table records deleted, please timely backup of the database, no more data insertion and other operations.

(ii) Possible causes of the failure:

1. The database is upgraded, theSQL statement condition is not strict

2. human Error in Operation

(iii) hidden trouble and damage degree star rating

Hidden Trouble 1: Database table records are missing after no action is made

Degree of damage rating: ★★★★

Hidden Trouble 2: Inserting a new record after a database table is missing

Degree of damage rating: ★★★★★

(iv) database operation tips:

1. when operating the database, try to make a backup of the database;

2. be cautious when working with data sheets.

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database table record Delete How to fix it

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