Datazen Custom Map--China map

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About Datazen can Google, because there is no Chinese version of the current Datazen, so Google out of the information will be a little more, because the company wants to use Datazen to do the report display, so the following.

Reference article:

Chinese--- (basic knowledge) (refer to this article, the above "Copenhaschi" article is the same as this one, I searched out a lot of articles are the same, Do not know who is the original, so find this article relatively complete)

English--- reference here)


Due to the Datazen uploaded map file. shp limit in 512KB, so Google a bit to find the above reference point, summed up my solution, I hope to help the same thing as I was tossing the person ...

1, download the China Map file (. shp), which I downloaded on csdn.

2, because the download to the map file includes more coordinate points, so I would like to use the Qgis software to the other small pieces of meaningless mark deleted, the operation is as follows:

3, after saving, open, the precision of the. shp file is smaller, the size of the file becomes smaller. Let's see below.

4, save to this step, after the. SHP's precision has been reduced, open the folder after the smaller. dbf file you'll find that it's not the same as it was before it was smaller. dbf file only has a column of data left, so, to use the tool to mark the provinces, I use the Qgis software operation, Specific look:

In this way, the corresponding provinces to add the data line, and then right-click on the file to save it, note that the province can not be used in Chinese, only with pinyin, or it will be garbled or not correspond.

Finally, I uploaded a good map file that you can download directly to use.

Map link Address

That's it, toss it hard, 5555! Come up with a chart to comfort yourself:

If you have any questions, please leave me a message and I'll try to answer them.

Datazen Custom Map--China map

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