Date Picker leverages Numberpicker

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public class Xcydatepicker extends LinearLayout {private static final int min_year = 1900;    private int max_year = 2016;    private static final int min_month = 1;    private static final int max_month = 12;    Private Numberpicker YEARNP;    Private Numberpicker MONTHNP;    Private Numberpicker DAYNP;        Public Xcydatepicker (Context context) {super (context);    Init (context);        } public Xcydatepicker (context context, AttributeSet Attrs) {Super (context, attrs);    Init (context); } public Xcydatepicker (context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defstyleattr) {Super (context, Attrs, defstyleat        TR);    Init (context);        } private void Init (context context) {Layoutinflater.from (context). Inflate (R.layout.xcy_date_picker, this);        YEARNP = (numberpicker) Findviewbyid (R.ID.YEAR_NP);        MONTHNP = (numberpicker) Findviewbyid (R.ID.MONTH_NP);        DAYNP = (numberpicker) Findviewbyid (R.ID.DAY_NP); Initialize the displayed date by default today sEtnpminvalandmaxval (YEARNP, Min_year, max_year);        Setnpminvalandmaxval (MONTHNP, Min_month, Max_month);        Setdisplayvalue (New Date ()); Monthnp.setonvaluechangedlistener (New Numberpicker.onvaluechangelistener () {@Override public void O Nvaluechange (numberpicker picker, int oldval, int newval) {daynp.setmaxvalue (Getdaysinmonthandyear (yearNp).            GetValue (), newval));        }        }); Yearnp.setonvaluechangedlistener (New Numberpicker.onvaluechangelistener () {@Override public void on ValueChange (numberpicker picker, int oldval, int newval) {Daynp.setmaxvalue (getdaysinmonthandyear,            Monthnp.getvalue ()));    }        }); }/** * Gets the number of days in a year January * * @param years * @param month value range 1-12 * @return */private int getDays        Inmonthandyear (int year, int month) {Calendar calendar = calendar.getinstance ();      Calendar.set (Calendar.year, year);  Calendar.set (Calendar.month, month-1);    Return Calendar.getactualmaximum (;  }/** * Displays the current displayed date according to date * * @param date */public void Setdisplayvalue (date date) {Calendar        Calendar = Calendar.getinstance ();        Calendar.settime (date);        Yearnp.setvalue (Calendar.get (calendar.year));        Monthnp.setvalue (Calendar.get (calendar.month) + 1);        Setnpminvalandmaxval (DAYNP, 1, Getdaysinmonthandyear (Yearnp.getvalue (), Monthnp.getvalue ()));    Daynp.setvalue (Calendar.get (calendar.day_of_month)); */** * * * * * @param year * @param month * @param day */public void Setdisplayva, depending on date of month Lue (int year, int month, Int. day) {Checknumisinrange (year, Min_year, Max_year, "enter" + min_year + "~ ~ ~" + Max_yea        R + "year between");        Yearnp.setvalue (year);        Checknumisinrange (month, Min_month, Max_month, "Please enter" + Min_month + "~ ~ ~" + max_month + "months between");        Monthnp.setvalue (month); INT Maxdays = Getdaysinmonthandyear (Yearnp.getvalue (), Monthnp.getvalue ());        Setnpminvalandmaxval (DAYNP, 1, maxdays);        Checknumisinrange (day, 1, maxdays, "Please enter the number of days between" + 1 + "to" + Maxdays + ");    Daynp.setvalue (day);     /** * Check if the number entered is within range * * @param checknum * @param minnum * @param maxnum * @param message */private void Checknumisinrange (int checknum, int minnum, int maxnum, String message) {if (Checknum < Minn Um | |        Checknum > Maxnum) {throw new numberformatexception (message); }}/** * Gets the date type of the current presentation is the datetime * * @return The return value is date type */public date getdisplaydate () {Calen        Dar Calendar = calendar.getinstance ();        Calendar.set (Yearnp.getvalue (), Monthnp.getvalue ()-1, Daynp.getvalue ());    return Calendar.gettime (); /** * Gets the date string in the specified format * * @param pattern * @return * */public string getdisplaydatestr (string Patt        Ern) {Calendar calendar = Calendar.getinstance ();        Calendar.set (Yearnp.getvalue (), Monthnp.getvalue ()-1, Daynp.getvalue ());        Date date = Calendar.gettime ();        SimpleDateFormat SimpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat (pattern);    return Simpledateformat.format (date);     }/** * Gets the year of the current display * * @return return YEAR */public int getdisplayyear () {return yearnp.getvalue (); }/** * Gets the current display month * * @return return month */public int getdisplaymonth () {return Monthnp.getva    Lue (); }/** * Returns the day ordinal of a January that is currently displayed * @return returns the day of the month */public int getdisplayday () {return Daynp.getv    Alue (); /** * Set Numberpicker range of values * * @param NP * @param minval * @param maxval */private void SE        Tnpminvalandmaxval (numberpicker np, int minval, int maxval) {np.setminvalue (minval);    Np.setmaxvalue (Maxval); }}
<pre name= "code" class= "HTML" ><?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"? ><linearlayout xmlns:android= " Http:// "    android:layout_width=" match_parent "    android:layout_height= "Match_parent"    android:orientation= "Horizontal" >    <numberpicker        android:id= "@+id/year_np"        android:layout_width= "0DP"        android:layout_height= "wrap_content"        android:layout_weight= "1" >< /numberpicker>    <numberpicker        android:id= "@+id/month_np"        android:layout_width= "0DP"        android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"        android:layout_marginleft= "4DP"        android:layout_weight= "1" > </NumberPicker>    <numberpicker        android:id= "@+id/day_np"        android:layout_width= "0DP"        android:layout_height= "wrap_content"        android:layout_marginleft= "4DP"        android:layout_weight= "1" ></NumberPicker></LinearLayout>

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Date Picker leverages Numberpicker

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