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The usage is very simple, and the js file is also very small, I have also seen some date selection controls, but the head is relatively large, the speed of the demo:


It is easy to use, and the js file is also very small. I have seen some date selection controls before, but their heads are large, which affects the speed.
You can set the date format and select the start time and end time of the date. If no parameter is added, the date is not selected by default, but can only be selected from today.

Now My97 DatePicker is good, and jquery is not needed.

A good JavaScript-based date control-My97DatePicker removes some useless files from the original package. There are a lot of users in this JS calendar, because of its many functions, it can define multiple forms of calling methods: for example, standard calling, without any restrictions on the display mode and time, of course, you can also specify the drop-down display, time range, and skin style change. The official website contains a large number of calling instances. If you have never used them before, go to the official website to read the documentation and usage instructions.

Demo address:
: Http://
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