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To the Cat software users to detailed analysis to share the speed refund of the operation of the course.

Tutorial Sharing:

Enjoy the speed of return service consumers in the application for return, but also online application "door-to-door withdrawal" service. As long as the application time between 9 o'clock to 20 o'clock in the evening, the system will automatically notify The courier, within 2 hours someone will be door-to-door.

The service is based on the rookie wrapped in the online call Express door-to-door function, the consumer online issued "door-to-door withdrawal" demand, the rookie wrapped in cooperation Express Company will respond in 5 minutes, then the courier will be in 2 hours door-to-door pick-up and help consumers upload logistics number.

Consumers fill out the logistics number online, the cat will advance money for the seller, refund back to the consumer account will not exceed 1 seconds.

Door-to-door service has taken the lead in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen Hangzhou five major cities to carry out the pilot. Data show that the average courier time is only 1.48 minutes, 2 hours of door-to-door pick-up rate of up to 97%.

Well, the above information is small made up to the cat this software users bring detailed speed refund of the operation of the full content of the course to share, you see the software users here, small knitting believe you are now very clear operation method, Then the friends are going to follow the small series to bring the tutorial themselves to try the operation under the speed refund to see the effect of it.

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