Day01-1 Common DOS commands

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Computer = hardware + software



Computing core and control core in the computer. Responsible for understanding the computer's instructions and the execution of computer operations.


A bridge between data and CPU interaction. The data required by the program will be loaded into memory first. The CPU directly reads the data in memory for operation.

Features: fast access speed.

Cons: When a power outage or program exits, the data in memory is lost.

HDD (Mechanical hard drive, SSD):

The data can be saved permanently

Disadvantage: Slow access speed

Solid-state drives: very fast reading speed

Software: A collection of computer instructions and data organized in a certain order.

Software = data + instructions

Categories of software:

System software:

Windows,linux,mac Os,ios,andorid

Application software: (Must be based on the system software to use)

QQ, Thunder

The nature of software (what the software solves for us): improves the efficiency of human interaction with computers.

How humans interact with computers:

1. Graphical interface: simple, powerful

2. Through DOS commands

Common DOS commands:

Drive letter:

Enter under the specified disk such as: D:

Folder operations:


Show files and folders for the current directory

CD path

Enter the specified path


Will retire the parent directory

CD \

The root directory in the current directory will be retired

MD + folder name

Create a folder

Rd + folder name

Delete an empty folder Note: cannot be used to delete a non-empty folder

File operation:

echo Data > file name

Create a file and specify the data to write

Type file name

View the specified file contents

del file name

Delete the specified file note: Del followed by a folder, then delete all the files in the folder


wildcard character (can match any file name)


Content completion


Clear Screen

Up and DOWN ARROW keys

Get back the last command you wrote.


Close the console

Day01-1 Common DOS commands

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