Day6-python Study Notes

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Insist on writing study notes today is the sixth day, today things a little more think up not to write quickly to fill up, learning Python has been almost one weeks, most of the knowledge point has followed Liaoche Teacher's tutorial to understand a bit, because self-learning ability is not strong still have a lot of knowledge point grasp not firm, After summing up all the tutorials, it will take a while to master Python's development techniques, the plan is to find a Diango project to get started, in the process of solid Python basic knowledge and understanding of Diango basic framework, should be followed by video tutorial. This is how the short-term plan is. But these days to look at the recruitment ADS data structure algorithm is also very fancy, big time data structure of the science of the line but now may forget almost, and the database has been not learned, and now use the database very few do not know how many pounds a few two, Data structure algorithm and database are the key to learn in the future, refueling! Keep writing essays every day! I wish I could hold on for two months.

1. Access the database:

SQLite: is an embedded database, its database is a file. Since SQLite itself is written in C, SQLite's drivers are built into the Python standard library:

MySQL: A database designed for server-side, capable of withstanding high concurrent access

SQLAlchemy:orm Technology: Object-relational Mapping, the table structure of a relational database is mapped to objects, and in Python, the most famous ORM framework is SQLAlchemy

Day6-python Study Notes

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