Daya Bay half-day tour

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Because the company asked new employees to apply for a one-card at Daya Bay, when I heard my colleagues talk about it, I hate to go right away, at that time, I saw a lot of information about guangnuclear on the Internet. For example, the working environment in Daya Bay was very good. It was said that the breeze swept over a clean and blue sea and walked along a long coastline on a soft beach, it is a pleasant thing; said the treatment is good, the food is also very good ....... In short, I really want to see this beautiful place.

At noon, we rushed to the company's car after a meal. Although we said it was a special car, we still had to pay for it when we got on the bus. I heard it was to prevent us from running to the base if something was okay, I took the bill and then returned for reimbursement, which is a bit shaken by my views on the State-owned Enterprise spending on national tax revenue.

At, he set off on time and drove in to Yantian. He talked to his colleagues in the car about his past work experience and made a joke, but at about a moment he gave the driver a stop, it is said that the rest of the car should be rested, so that we should not be so loud, affecting the rest of others. I spit out my tongue and just quit. We should also take a good look at the road flashing scenery: there are few cars, our cars go smoothly, the scenery is very open, and we can see several corners of the sea from time to time. At about half past one, we arrived at the destination. When I got off the bus, I couldn't wait to search for the sea. I dreamed it would be a sea by the wind, but it was a tall building, everywhere we will see the mark of "Guangdong Nuclear Power Group in China", which is very quiet during the lunch break. We found the person who wants to handle the affairs according to the instructions of our predecessors. Here there are many turns in the building, finding a door is not easy.

Two o'clock is the time to go to work. Everyone goes from other places to office buildings. They all look sleepy. Seeing them, I think of high school and university life, after lunch, you can take a nap in the United States, and then brush your teeth and wash your teeth before going to class. Having left the school to work now, it really took a few days to take a nap. I really envy the people who work here, except for the remote location.

There are a lot of vehicles going from one place to another, almost 15th in different ways, compared with the bus outside, because we have to sign the signatures to handle the cards, I also have the opportunity to shuttle between office buildings, there are many buildings, and there are many floors, but there are not many people working in the office, the leading independent office is still very smooth.

I heard that Daya Bay was set up for Hong Kong after the return of Hong Kong. 70% of the electricity sent here is supplied to Hong Kong, and 30% is supplied to Guangdong.

Seeing the atmosphere of state-owned enterprises, I don't know if their welfare benefits are as generous as those posted on the Internet, but I think it is also proud to be one of them.

Here I see a detail. When we handed the document to the lead for signature, they handed it back to us politely after signing it. It is very modest. Maybe this is also the corporate culture here.

There is still more than an hour before the return car is finished. We went to the beach. At first glance, it was just a reservoir, and the people next to it seemed a little bumpy, said: "This is the end of Dameisha's sea." I sighed, and the sea I knew was boundless. It turned out that I was standing at the end of the sea this time.


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