Days outside -- an autobiography of the generation of chess Saint Wu Qingyuan (4)

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Wu Qingyuan talks about go rules

Chen Jiarui

Go should have a reasonable and clear rule, which is a wish of Wu Qingyuan, a generation of Go masters for many years. With the continuous popularization of go in various countries around the world and the increasing number of international exchanges, this topic is now imperative. When Mr. Wu received the "Honorary Doctor of Literature" from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I had the honor to have an in-depth discussion with Mr. Wu on this issue.

Mr. Wu Qingyuan first said: "There is no unified go rule in the world, which is a major obstacle to the promotion and development of go. The rule of Go should first be reasonable so that go itself can exert the greatest artistic power; secondly, it is simple and clear, so that even those who do not know go can easily master it. Both of these two points are important, but none of them is perfect ." Then, Mr. Wu began to elaborate on his opinions on the rules. He said: "I think there should be three elements of the new rules: first, the distinction between winning and losing, the calculation should be based on the number of active sub-accounts on the board. The empty sub-accounts enclosed by both sides should be deemed to have omitted the sub-members placed on the board; 2. Any child that can be removed from the board is a dead child, and any child that cannot be removed from the board is a living child. If there is a dispute, it should be solved in practice; third, the victim must find the victim. The victim must play a game on the board."

Wu Qingyuan also spoke about the existing go rules: "in history, the Go rules have also been improved, the first step is to remove the Four tokens and cancel the rules for deducting two eye bits for each chess set. This is an improvement; legend has it that the earliest go game used a number to score the game. later it was easy to calculate and changed to a number. However, due to the many defects in the number board rules, China switched back to its original number method after the Tang Dynasty, japan is still holding the number method (go was introduced to Japan in the Tang Dynasty). The defect of the number rule is 'pangular Qu si' first. There is a traditional Chinese saying of chess, it's called 'pangular Qu IV, and the game is destroyed by a fight. 'But if there are active players on the board, the robbery cannot be done, and the robbery is endless. Why is the game still dead? Japanese chess rules :. The "one-hand robbery must be done". This kind of forced practice is extremely inappropriate. It should be done without completing the Freedom. Who gives you the right to command the other party? Besides, the Japanese refer to the "do not fill in the form of an official officer", which is useless. The "do not fill in the form of an official officer" often makes it difficult to implement some measures that arise after being angry. There are also unreasonable aspects such as 'active standales' and 'do not mention three views ......"

"In recent years, some people have proposed to allow" suicide ". I think there have been no problems with the existing (no suicide) rules for a long time, you don't have to modify it. You should repair the machine when something goes wrong. If it works well, why do you need to fix it? Sometimes it gets worse. There are not many advantages to allow suicide, but they are very flawed. You can commit suicide in my empty space. Should I take your dead son off immediately? In your scope, You can slaughter at will, but it is not that easy to remove the 'body' in my scope ."

Finally, Mr. Wu said: "setting rules is a matter for everyone. We should solicit comments from chess and friends from all over the world. Finally, we should vote for them at the International go league ."

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