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It was a long time ago to have Gmail, but it was never used. At that time, the reason why I applied for it was a fresh image. I remember that when I first came into contact with it, I felt strongly uncomfortable. I didn't find any way to write new emails for half a day. I also felt at a loss in the layout of functional buttons. Therefore, we put it aside. After all, we have two 2 GB of mailbox is also very convenient.

However, some time ago, the company began Network Reform and completely blocked a number of websites. 163 of them certainly did not survive. Emails in my external mailbox become uncollectible and cannot be written in the external mailbox. At this time, I remembered Gmail.

After more than half a month of use, I found that Gmail has a lot of creative ideas that make me shine, and it is also very easy to use. I found that I liked the Gmail style.

I. tags and filters

With more emails, management becomes a problem. Some list letters are always overwhelming, which often masks important personal letters. Combining tags and filters in Gmail can solve this problem well.

I created different tags for different list emails, and then set which emails are marked with tags through the filter. In this way, receiving more list emails in one day will not affect the checking of personal emails. In addition, it is much easier to view the list of letters.

Gmail also has an intimate design: You can use (>) and (>) to express personal and group letters respectively.

Ii. Session

This is one of my favorite features. Sometimes a letter is always repeatedly replied by many people, and their opinions are very lively. However, after a long period of time, the content is often unable to be consistent, and the reply letter is spread across various date segments in the mailbox-chaos began.

In Gmail, this situation can be avoided: Gmail puts forward the concept of a session view, that is, to put an email together with all the replies of the email, neatly arranged like a card. By default, the latest emails are expanded, and other emails are shrunk. In this way, you can easily read the previous replies, and these files are displayed in the inbox as one (which can be understood as one.

Of course, this will not affect your management of every letter. If you think that many of the replies are useless, delete them. Or, a letter is very important and you want to print it out or forward it; or you want to reply to the opinions of someone in the reply. You can do it easily.

Gmail often gives me new small discoveries that reflect Google's thoughtfulness for mail users.

During the session, you will find that the names of different senders are displayed in different colors, so it is easy to identify different senders. During reading, you will be prompted at the bottom right of the webpage for the sender of the email to be browsed-the color is also green ......

In the email content, you can also note that the referenced content is separated from the text in purple. It also provides the hide function.

3. Shortcut Keys and batch

Gmail not only has a full selection button for emails such as 163, but also provides another method: first select the check box of the actual location, hold down the Shift key, and click the check box of the mail at the end, in this way, a batch of emails are selected. Similarly, you can cancel multiple emails. Are you surprised.

Gmail provides many shortcut keys, which are rarely seen in Web applications. These Shortcut Keys allow you to use Gmail more quickly.

Iv. Function Expansion

I now use Google Talk with Gmail. Whenever a new email arrives, talk always prompts me to identify the important emails.

It is said that Gmail can also be used as a network hard disk using software. You may as well try it.

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