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1.MYSQL Introduction

MySQL is an open source Small Database management system, the developer of the Swedish MySQL AB company, currently belonging to the Oracle company.

Because of its small size, fast speed, low overall cost, especially the development of source code, is widely used by small and medium-sized websites.

2.mysql Common data types

3.SQL Introduction

Structured Query Language SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most important database manipulation language. Mainly used for database communication communication

4. Common commands

MySQL > show databases; Show all databases

MySQL > Use < database name >; Open a database with the name "database name"

MySQL > CREATE database < database name >;//creating databases with a database name

mysql > Drop databases < database name >;//delete database, Eg:drop db androidtest

MySQL > CREATE table < table name > (< Field 1 definition >,< field n definition >); Create a table

Field N definition: field name, type, width, non-null modifier, default modifier, auto_increment modifier

Eg:create table customer (ID int auto_increment primary key,name varchar (TEN) default ' Zhang San ',

Pass varchar (n) not NULL, createdate date);

MySQL >show tables;//Displays the table, showing only the names of all the tables.

MySQL >describe < table name >;//display all information for the table

MySQL >drop tabel [if exists] data table name;//Delete table


DB of Java-web Development

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