DB2 V9 default account information and service startup information

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DB2 V9 after default installation
Add three accounts by default


DB2 Management Server User
is the admin das (Database adminitrator Service). To fully apply DB2 cc must start Das.
The DB2 Management Server (DAS) responds to requests from DB2 administration tools and Configuration Assistants (CAS).

The user identity of the DB2 Management Server user is used to run the DB2 Management Server (DAS) on the system. The default user is DASUSR1 and the default group is DASADM1. the DB2 GUI tool also uses this user identity to perform administrative tasks on local server database instances and databases.

There can be only one DAS on each computer.
A DAS service one or more database instances, including database instances that belong to different installations. Das can maintain a database instance whose release level is lower than the DAS release level. However, Das should be migrated to a higher level for database instances whose release level is higher than the DAS release level. The DAS release level should be at the same or higher level as the release level of any database instance that is maintained.

Db2admin start
Db2admin stop

the owner of the DB2 intance has sysadmin permissions.

The DB2 instance is created in the instance owner home directory. This user identity controls all DB2 processes and owns all the file systems and devices used by the databases that are included in the instance. The Default user is db2inst1 and the default group is DB2IADM1.

When you use the DB2 Installation Wizard, the default action is to create a new user for the DB2 instance. The default name is Db2inst1. If the user name already exists, the DB2 Installation Wizard searches for the user name (Db2inst2, Db2inst3, and so on) in turn. The search continues until it identifies a user masterpiece that is not an existing user on the system as the default instance owner identity. If you choose to continue, the user will be created by the DB2 Setup Wizard. However, you can also choose to specify any existing user as the instance owner.

This method for user name creation also applies to creating protected users and DB2 Management Server users.

Can DB2 command (DB2 CW, DB2 CLP)
Start shutdown instance

protected Users

Protected users are used to run outside the address space used by the DB2 database user-defined functions (UDF) and stored procedures。 The default user is DB2FENC1 and the default group is DB2FADM1. If you do not need this security level (for example, in a test environment), you can use the instance owner as the protected user.

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