Dead and then born

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The first trial investment in my life ended with no suspense. Fortunately, I only invested10 K, So the loss is small,200Less than a dollar. However, from this failure, I came up with the truth that my predecessors have summed up for countless years ago.

N I made an investment a month ago. 10 K Purchase a fund and make small mobilization L I bought it from comrades, too. L The comrade said, "You can vote. 10 K What are you afraid? There are several rare losses in your life. I know that you are a child who treats dirt as money, but I am investing a little bit ." Small result L In order to prove that I am a child who treats money as dirt, the comrades bravely followed me and threw 10 K Purchase the fund.

N A month later, the Fund was not performing well. I had to pay for it with a decisive cut, but I did not cut much. On the day of redemption, I had to call Xiao. L : "Give it a try! This N I have never earned any profits in the past month. I need to stop the loss. Let's leave it !" Small L I insisted on not throwing it. It took two days, and the price was lower than when I redeemed it. Day 3, small L I couldn't help it. I called me and expressed my own real feelings and put forward unreasonable requirements. If the Fund raises the price several days later, ask me to compensate him. 10% . Although this request is unreasonable, How can I face my friends and bear more losses in the future? So I promised. Since small L After the redemption, the Fund continued to decline, creating new low, small L I am very grateful.

But ..... Today, the Fund has risen ?! As promised, I must make minor compensationL10 %Additional losses, total RMB1.6RMB.


well... The next time I invest in it, I must cover, cover, and cover it until it is born.

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