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See more and more new owners into the internet industry, I am happy for them at the same time also deeply for their prospects to enter the Internet worry, just I and a station for half a year to chat learned that he entered the internet has been six months, but no profit, I asked him to give me a look at the Web site, Finally I landed on his web site to visit a circle and found a very serious problem, some pages unexpectedly can not open, finally I use dead chain tool test its website, the above figure is his site dead chain results, a total of 95 links have 10 will not open, ask such a website can generate profits?

We are in the search engine perspective to analyze the development of the site, when the search engine first came to your site when your site is 1 dead links, search engine spiders crawling here has not moved, so the spider back, separated for some time, search engine spider again, This time your website dead link is 2, the search engine only crawls the last distance 2 1 route is broken, it again back, until he came to the 10th time, the site is not a dead link, instead of reducing the trend of increasing, in the face of this situation, search engine spider Retreat, your site on the face of not high, not much traffic, The weight is not high, the rank drops the question.

We stand in the user experience point of view to analyze the development potential of the site, when the user first came to your site to find your site point three or four links will encounter open links, if it is some key links do not matter, but if it is a key link? So the user left the site. When the second user comes to your site, also encountered this situation, long past, your site may be eliminated to the hands of users, because they will not come to your site, can be very clear to tell the webmaster, a link will not solve the webmaster is not a qualified webmaster.

Faced with the severity of the site dead link, I put forward here some suggestions to resolve the site dead link, if feel useful to support me, to solve the death of the site link, the most important thing is to find out where the link is, and through Ctrl+f find out your site's dead link folder, found after two solutions, One is to standardize the website link, the second is to block this link. Here specific I put forward a few solutions, you can find the dead link and then delete the link, this method is the simplest and most effective method; There is another way is to create a robots.txt document screen dead link, this method is slightly troublesome, but for the veteran is also very simple, if you will not be directly in search engine search robots.txt use method, a search came out. The third is I want to say the point, that is to use 404 pages, this is a guide to the dead link more effective method, search engine spiders crawl when it is a reasonable page, and users in the use of the time will also because of your inform jump to other site tour page.

Clear the dead link of the website already is the stationmaster urgent task, if you do not hurry to clear the link, such as the content of the site more and more, you want to find these dead links is very difficult, so I suggest whether the new webmaster or the old webmaster should regularly check the site link, maintenance site links, do the prevention , there are problems in a timely manner, if they can not deal with some webmaster friends to help deal with, today I helped a brother deal with this matter, is not very difficult, do not worry about the other side will refuse. This article first A5, from prodigal to, this article is prodigal to edit original writing, reprint please keep, thank you.

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