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The dead link to SEO has the influence, the dead link prevention and the processing

Dead link means that the broken links, not open page links.

Whether from the search engine optimization or the user experience point of view, should try to prevent the emergence of dead links.

One of the tasks in the SI billion Search engine optimization project is to check the dead links in the Web site, which is a regular job. Why do this, think billion ou feel:

1. Dead link will lose PR value

The PR value is passed through the link. There are dead links in the site will undoubtedly cause the loss of the internal PR value of the site.

Suppose a website structure of the site is quite good, but there are many dead links in the site, that the site's structural design is good, also play no use.

2. Loss Search engine rankings

Let's say you have a page that doesn't become a dead link before, this page has a good rank on the search engine. But if because of lack of effective SEO project management, the page becomes dead link after. The search engine rankings for this page will not last more than 1 weeks and will soon disappear on the search engine.

3. Loss of user experience

Do not ignore the impact of a dead link, to know that the user loyalty is also to rely on accumulation. User experience is the cornerstone of the ultimate development of the website.

For the prevention of dead links the main focus on the following two points:

1. Perfect program bugs;

2. Improve the awareness of the website management personnel;

A dead link is not necessarily in a fixed place, and there are many links on the Web site that may produce dead links. Either the file was not produced, or the link address was wrong.

You can use Google Webmaster tools to find out how to send a dead link.

For the processing of dead links:

1. Design-friendly 404 pages, even if the user clicked on the invalid link, will also jump to 404 pages.

2. Retrieve the error, convert the dead link to a valid link that can be clicked.

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