Debian 7 (Wheezy) uses a DVD image to build the local source

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Debian 7 (Wheezy) uses a DVD image to build the local source

Another good thing about Debian systems is that it can build a source locally to make software installation easier...
1. I am a dual-system, so I made some adjustments in the partitions on Win7, using the command: sudo fdisk-l

We can see that sda3 is a fat32 partition created by me. Previously, due to hard disk installation, you must use the fat32 partition to store the DVD image. To prevent maintenance of the debian system in the future, keep this partition all the time; then look at sda9, which is used to store the three DVD images downloaded from the official website, more than 10 Gb in total; to prevent damage to the DVD image in win7, therefore, it is set as a hidden partition.

Debian 7.0 Wheezy test experience

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Debian7 (Wheezy) and basic configuration for hard disk installation
2. Next, create three new files iso1/iso2/iso3 under the mnt directory, and create a sh script to mount the three DVD images. The script content deb. sh is as follows:
1. mount-t ntfs/dev/sda9/mnt/ntfs 2. mount-o loop/mnt/ntfs/amd64/debian1.iso/mnt/iso1 3. mount-o loop/mnt/ntfs/amd64/debian2.iso/mnt/iso2 4. mount-o loop/mnt/ntfs/amd64/debian3.iso/mnt/iso3
You only need to execute the following command before installing the software:
Sudo sh deb. sh
3. After the mounting is successful, perform the following operations:
(1) Back up sources. list:
Sudo cp/etc/apt/sources. list sources. list. bak
(2) edit the sources. list file:
Sudo gedit/etc/apt/sources. list
(3) Delete the original content of sources. list and change it as follows:
1. deb file: // mnt/iso1 wheezy main contrib 2.deb file: // mnt/iso2 wheezy main contrib 3.deb file: // mnt/iso3 wheezy main contrib

4. Use sudo apt-get update for updates;

5. For example, install the emacs software.
Sudo apt-get install emacs

6. Local ground source configuration is very convenient for computers that cannot connect to the network, as well as some developers. If you feel it is inconvenient to install software, try it.

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