Debian python Upgrade +pip Installation--Basic Environment configuration

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First step: Download python2.7.9 version Source:


Unzip the file

#tar ZXVF python-2.7.9. Tar.bz2[email protected]:/opt/software# CD python-2.7.9/[email protected]:/opt/software/python-2.7.9# dirconfig.guess Doc LICENSE Objects pythonconfig.sub Grammar Mac Parser Readmeconfigure Include Makefile.pre.inchPC Install-sh Misc pcbuild setup.pydemo Lib Modules pyconfig.h.inchTools[email protected]:/opt/software/python-2.7.9# Mkdir/usr/local/python2.7.9

Before compiling, you need to install the Zlib package first:

Download zlib-1.2.8.tar.gz from official website

[Email protected]:/opt/software# tar-xvf zlib-1.2. 8 . Tar.gz[email protected]:/opt/software# CD zlib-1.2. 8 [email protected]:/opt/software#./configure && make && make install

Go to the Python-2.7.9 directory and start installing Python

[Email protected]:/opt/software/python-2.7. 9#./configure--prefix=/usr/local/python2. 7.9 [email protected]:/opt/software/python-2.7. 9# make && make install

Installation is successful!

[Email protected]:/opt/software/python-2.7. 9# python-2.6. 6

The version remains 2.6.6 and now begins to upgrade Python,

View the directory where the python command resides

[Email protected]:/opt/software/python-2.7. 9  /usr/bin/python2. 6 /usr/bin/python/etc/python2. 6 /etc/python/usr/lib/python2. 6 /usr/lib/python2. 4 /usr/lib/python2. 5 /usr/local/lib/python2. 6 /usr/include/python2. 6 /usr/share/python/usr/share/man/man1/python. 1. gz

Back up the/usr/bin/python

[Email protected]:/opt/software/python-2.7. 9# Mv/usr/bin/python/usr/bin/python2. 6.6
[Email protected]:/opt/software/python-2.7. 9 # python-bash:/usr/bin/python:no such file or directory

The python command cannot be found, just add the version python2.7.9 command to the environment variable!

Mode 1:

Modify/etc/profile Add the following two lines:

Path= $PATH:/usr/local/python2. 7.9/binexport PATH

And then

[Email protected] python-2.7. 9] # source/etc/profile[[email protected] Python-2.7.  9]# python-2.7. 9

Of course, you can also create a soft connection for 2.7.9 version of Python:/usr/bin/python

[Email protected] ~]# ln-s/usr/local/python2. 7.9/bin/python2.7/usr/bin/python


Ok,python Upgrade Complete

However, when running Python, the error occurs because Python is not fully installed and the SSL module is missing

To modify the Modules/setup file:

 for Sockets (2  for out the other# sockets line above, and possibly edit the S SL variable: #SSL=/usr/local/ssl_ssl _ssl.c         -duse_ssl-i$ (SSL)/include-i$ (SSL)/include/  OpenSSL         -l$ (SSL)/lib-lssl-lcrypto


Make && make install

and error: SSL error due to Openssl-devel not installed


apt-get  install opensslapt-get install Libdev-ssl

Compile again, get it done.

Step two, install PIP see

To install PIP, securely download [2]

Then run the following (which may require administrator access):

PIP is installed by default on:/usr/local/python2.7.9/bin/

You should pay attention to the PIP version of the problem, the previous/USR/BIN/PIP may be installed using the Apt-get install PYTHON-PIP,

To upgrade/usr/bin/pip to/usr/local/python2.7.9/bin/pip2.7:

Ln-s/usr/local/python2. 7.9/bin/pip2. 7  /usr/bin/pip

Ok, the PIP installation environment is built successfully!

Step three, install Python Django run must package [optional]

1, installation MySQLdb

Download mysql-python-1.2.3.tar.gz, unzip and install the website

# python Install

2, Installation Pillow

#pip Install Pillow

3. Install Uwsgi [OPTIONAL]

#pip Install Uwsgi

To create a soft link:

# ln-s/usr/local/python2. 7.9/bin/uwsgi/usr/bin/uwsgi

Debian python Upgrade +pip Installation--Basic Environment configuration

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