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Install Debian4.0 _ r1 on the hard disk -- Debian technology of the Linux release version. For details, refer to the following section. Note: the installation process is completed in the Windows XP system. This is not the only method for hard disk installation. You can find other hard disk installation methods through google, such as adding boot. ini menu item and start GRUB for installation. Here is the grub installation run in dostool.

Installation Process:
1. Decompress grub4dos.rar and place it in the root directory of the system disk, for example, C: \ grub4dos;

2. Place the downloaded initrd.gz, vmlinuz, and debian-40r1-i386-xfce-CD-1.iso under the root directory of the system disk. Note that the mirror file can be placed in the root directory of another partition, but it must be FAT32 format partition. If it is placed in the NTFS format partition, the installation will fail;

2. After installing the dwarf toolbox in Windows XP, restart the computer and select "My dos tool" in the System Startup menu to enter the dos environment (italic part ):

A: \> C:
C: \> cd grub4dos

Run grub.exe
C: \ GRUB4DOS> grub

Select the command line option and enter:
Grub> kernel (hd0, 0)/vmlinuz root =/dev/ram ramdisk_size = 4000 devfs = mount, dall
Grub> initrd (hd0, 0)/initrd.gz
Grub> boot

Start the installation. The subsequent installation process is the same as starting the installation from the optical drive.
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